How To Stop Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment can be a financially devastating issue. It stems from a debtor not being able to make good on a debt they owe and as a result the creditor pursues further action including lawsuits and wage garnishments. A wage garnishment is a legal directive that requires your employer to send a portion of […]

Oak View Law Group Review

Owner of the law firm: Virendra Kalani Principal Attorney: Joseph Henry Marman Registered with: California State Bar Association Better Business Bureau rating: B- Trustlink rating: 4 stars Business Experience: Four years (approx) Type of debt dealt with: Credit card debt, payday loan debt, medical debt etc. All states except Vermont. Source of funds: client payments […]

Can My Creditors Really Take My Paycheck?

When you owe a creditor any money, you may be leaving yourself open to having your paycheck garnished as recourse for your owing a debt. The reality of the wage garnishment is that the law regarding a creditor’s rights to your paycheck is governed by the state you live in. Different states hold different laws […]