Should Possible Tax Ramifications Determine if Debt Settlement is Right For You?

Are you considering debt settlement as an option to tackle an ever increasing amount of debt? If your best attempts to maintain minimum payments and keep your credit score out of the dump are failing and you feel you are running out of options, debt settlement can provide a road to real debt relief. There […]

5 Simple Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Debt

You’ve been working on a plan to get debt free but have you considered what you need to do to stop the cycle of debt from repeating itself. Once you have done the necessary work to regain control of your finances, you need to continue to work on staying debt free. Here are some more […]

4 Things You Need to Do Before Tax Time

As we all struggle to make it through the holiday season, the hectic schedules, and the overspending we may tend to do, there are some other things you need to be thinking about to keep your financial wits about you. After the New Year, everyone is gearing up for tax time but now is the […]

Where To File Taxes Online For Free

There are multiple resources you can utilize to file your federal income tax return for free. The IRS itself has estimated that nearly 70% of the 145 million income tax returns filed in 2012 were able to be filed at no cost to the tax payer. Where To File Taxes Online For Free Free Filing with […]

Can An Accountant Save You Money at Tax Time?

Most people face tax time with a bit of anxiety. How much will you owe this year? Did you really take every deduction you could take? Is the IRS going to come knocking because you did something wrong? An accountant can help you overcome some or all of these fears, but that help can come […]

How to Handle Your Mounting File Pile – 6 Tips for Keeping and Tossing Important Documents

For some consumers, effective financial management is difficult because of their tendency to keep every paper that comes into their home and never weed out what’s not necessary. A large part of the reason people continue to be paper pack rats is due to the confusion of what’s necessary to keep and what is okay […]

How to Settle a Tax Bill with an Offer in Compromise

If you find yourself deep in debt to the tax man, there may be a way to get back to square one – a new beginning that will enable you to start over with the IRS. This method is only for someone who owes a substantial amount of money in back taxes and is unable to come up with a way of paying what they owe. It’s called an Offer in Compromise and for some people it’s their last, best hope. Following are a few tips on how to settle a tax bill with an Offer in Compromise.

Should You Use Your Credit Card To Pay Taxes?

With less than a week remaining before the filing deadline for 2011, taxpayers who have yet to file are running out of time. Many of these filers may be waiting until the last minute because they owe the IRS and do not have the money to pay. In an attempt to avoid aggressive collection actions […]

Forgiven Debt and Taxes

Debt settlement has become a popular if not controversial debt elimination strategy. The supporters of this type of debt relief claim it is the best way to truly eliminate 50% or more of your current debt. This could be the case if you meet very specific qualifications such as a true financial hardship that results […]

To Buy or To Rent: Answer Your Own Questions

With increased tax incentives and simply the American dream of home ownership, it can be very tempting for individuals and families to want to get into a home of there own as soon as possible. For some, buying a home is the right next step. For others, renting isn’t such a bad deal. Here are […]