Tips on How to Reduce Tax Debt

Tax debt can be as disturbing as any other type of debt. Like any debt, reducing IRS debt can be done by following these simple methods. Just like credit card debt, a tax debt to the IRS can be a major stress and be a long-lasting problem if it’s not taken care of properly. The […]

Can I Really Settle Back Taxes for Pennies on the Dollar?

There are many people who are struggling to keep up with daily living expenses who are also bearing the burden of owning a back tax debt to the IRS. It can be difficult to make it from one paycheck to the next in addition to worrying about satisfying a debt owed to the powerful federal […]

How to Settle a Tax Bill with an Offer in Compromise

If you find yourself deep in debt to the tax man, there may be a way to get back to square one – a new beginning that will enable you to start over with the IRS. This method is only for someone who owes a substantial amount of money in back taxes and is unable to come up with a way of paying what they owe. It’s called an Offer in Compromise and for some people it’s their last, best hope. Following are a few tips on how to settle a tax bill with an Offer in Compromise.

Options for Tax Debt Relief

Sometimes people forget to pay their taxes to the IRS or aren’t able to gather the information in time. When that happens, penalties start to build up and the IRS will eventually ask for back taxes. But what if the taxpayer can’t pay those back taxes and penalties? This is when tax debt relief may […]