5 Simple Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Debt

You’ve been working on a plan to get debt free but have you considered what you need to do to stop the cycle of debt from repeating itself. Once you have done the necessary work to regain control of your finances, you need to continue to work on staying debt free. Here are some more […]

How to Recover from Financial Distress

It is difficult to anticipate how financial fortunes will unfold. There are so many influences shaping personal financial matters, even the most conscientious money managers have a hard time covering all the bases. And just when the elusive promise of financial stability seems like a real possibility, unforeseen challenges of great magnitude can change your […]

How to Beat Travel Fees

Traveling for the holidays can become expensive, especially during such a busy travel season. What you don’t know may cost you big time cash you’d rather not have to spend. Rather than just book travel reservations in a rush to get it done, you should pay more attention so you can save more money. Many […]

How to Gain Control of Overspending Habits

Overspending tendencies are one reason many consumers are over their head in debts. In many cases, the consumers who have trouble with overspending do not even realize it is a problem until it is pointed out to them by someone else or until they begin to take control of their personal financial matters. Regaining control […]

6 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

It’s a fact that kids love Halloween. For one night, they can become animals, celebrities, professionals or ghosts, and they can finally accept candy from strangers without being scolded. The young-at-heart can also celebrate by decorating their homes with ghoulish finesse and rewarding obedient children with treats. All of this fun doesn’t come without a […]

Protect Yourself From Debit Card Scams

Living on a budget often means cutting up your credit cards and using your debit card for most purchases. Since your debit card is linked directly to funds you already have, you won’t be tempted to overspend and rack up big bills in the future. As more and more people work toward financial independence, more […]

Find Daily Ways to Save

Many times we overlook our daily spending when it comes to our overall budgets. We may ignore that one cup of coffee each morning because it costs less than a dollar. Unfortunately the more we ignore, the more we miss out on opportunities to stash more cash for our futures. Once we get into habits, […]

How Well Do You Understand Your Debit Card?

You may think you are being wise by relying solely on your debit card for all your purchases but what you don’t know about your debit card may be hurting you financially. It may be true that using the money you have in your bank can prevent the spending temptation of a credit card but […]

Stay Motivated When Paying Down Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is truly one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to achieving financial freedom and can consume your entire life, if you let it. If your bills have piled up and seem to be out of control, get a grip, get motivated and start doing something about it now. The longer you […]

5 Important Reminders About Your Family Budget

Family budgets are not always the easiest thing to maintain, especially in family with teenagers. When there are several family members working with the same one or two incomes, it can be hard to stay on track. The only way for a budget to work is if you keep up with it and allow it […]