How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Studies show that Americans throw away half of all food that is purchased, at grocery stores and in restaurants. Eating the food purchased might be the best approach for eating healthy on a budget. Spending less starts with a great plan that will guide purchasing, preparation and storage choices. Last minute purchases will consume a […]

How to Prevent Your Teeth from Costing You Big

Good oral health is an important part of maintaining an overall healthy body. Having strong and healthy gums and teeth ensures that a person can smile properly, eat well and also reduce the costs that would otherwise be incurred by regular visits to the dentist. Prevention is the Key One of the best ways of […]

Frugality and Thanksgiving Meals

Sometimes focusing on saving money can go out the window when guests are expected for a holiday dinner. This year’s holiday meal gatherings can still hold the same sentimental value and continue family traditions but without hurting your bank account. Just because guests are coming to celebrate doesn’t mean you have to go all out […]