What To Do When Your Kids Are Struggling With Debt

Parenting can be on of the most difficult yet rewarding task of you entire life. It is never easy to see your kids struggling with anything, least of all debt. But what happens when just that situation arises and you feel obligated to help your children deal with their financial mistakes. Here are some tips […]

Tips for Buying a House in 2012

In the past few years we have all seen the housing bubble in the United States burst and home values drop. With several people trying to sell homes that they can no longer afford or bank possessing houses they do not want to be holding on to it has become a buyer’s market. Even though […]

Use Credit Unions to Rebuild Your Credit

In the interest of good financial practice, it is important for all consumers to do everything they can to keep their credit score in a positive light. Credit scores do not just dictate whether or not you can get a loan. Industries of all kinds are now relying on credit scores to make decisions about […]

5 Reasons Credit Unions Beat Banks Every Time

In light of the changing rules regarding how much banks can charge retailers for interchange exchange fees, banks have ultimately started losing big profits. As a way to make up for the reduced income, the big banks have started pass along the cost to customers. There are hardly any major banks that offer incentives such […]

Prosper.com Review

Prosper.com is the largest peer to peer lending business, with over 1 billion members and $226 billion in loans since the site launched in 2006. The site was co-founded by Chris Larsen and is backed by the co-founder of Capital One, CompuCredit, Accel Partners, TomorrowVentures, Omidyar Network and Volition Capital. Peer to peer lending allows […]

Why 720 is the New ‘It’ Number in Credit Scores

In recent years a consumer credit score ranging from 680 or higher was a measure of good credit management. But a lot has happened in the financial sector of the nation and changes have been made in credit cards, the housing market, and other industries which has necessitated the need to raise the ideal three-digit […]

Consumer Traps of Advanced Fee Loans

For consumers dealing with credit issues who are unable to get loans or qualify for credit cards, there are companies out there promising to ‘guarantee’ loans or other lines of credit regardless of your credit history. It may sound like exactly the service you are looking for during difficult times but consumers should now that […]

What Affects Your Interest Rate?

When you need to secure a loan or some type of financing, how much you are paying in interest makes a big difference for how much you are paying for the overall loan. The amount you pay in interest charges can be lessened greatly if you pay attention to the three important factors that affect […]

Prioritizing Debts When You Can’t Pay Them All

No  matter what kind of debt advice you receive, there is not much you can do if you simply can not afford the debts that have piled up against you. You may have reworked your budget a few times and tried to supplement your income but ends are barely meeting even before you get to […]

Review of Curadebt.com

With so many people in debt – either from poor financial management or the recession – digging your way out debt is a major undertaking. Curadebt.com has been providing debt relief for over 10 years.  Their focus is on debt settlement and debt consolidation.  Here is what they offer that they claim makes them unique:  “Your support team […]