Tips to Paying Off Hospital Debt after Giving Birth

The miracle of childbirth is a joyous experience that is all too often tainted with the harsh reality of having to pay for huge medical expenses. On average, the cost of giving birth is dependent on three things: your insurance coverage, the hospital or clinic you use, and the kind of delivery that is needed. […]

How To Budget For Irregular Expenses

If you are wondering how to budget for irregular expenses, you may be well ahead of the many other consumers who have had budgets ruined by unexpected, irregular expenses. Budgeting for costs you don’t always have to pay and are not always sure when to expect can be difficult and often leads people to forget […]

Do You Really Need Dental Insurance?

There’s no doubt that dental insurance can be expensive. Some plans ask you to pay $40 each month, per family member, and those costs can quickly add up and eat away at your budget. Similarly, dental emergencies can also be expensive. If you don’t have insurance and you develop a cavity and you need a […]

Renting May Not Be Your Ideal Housing Solution

With the news of the ongoing housing market troubles and the high costs of living, many consumers are content with continuing to rent rather than buy. But new information shows that renting may not be ideal for some people worried about rising costs. There are some considerations to make when deciding whether to keep renting […]

3 Things You’ll Have Trouble Getting While Dealing With Debt

It is not uncommon for consumers to look at debt and see a very small picture. Being in debt limits your ability to see the future for what it could be, due to the overwhelming burden of paying off bills from the past. In some situations, debtors develop a type of tunnel vision where the […]

How To Spend Less On Medications

The cost of health care is an ongoing source of concern for most Americans. This is a shared concern regardless of whether or not a person has health insurance. Paying for health insurance in and of itself is an expense many people simply cannot afford. Going without health insurance is a risky move as any […]

How To Deal: When A Monkey Wrench Lands in Your Debt Plan

So you’ve been staying on track with your debt plan, making a nice dent in paying off debts and paying bills on time and then something happens that throws a wrench in your entire plan. No amount of planning can predict everything that can happen but there are ways to start re-planning a recovery. Some […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those protection plans that many people consider unnecessary. In some cases the doubters may be correct, however there are situations where having travel insurance can be a benefit. The easiest way to save money and reduce costs is to recognize unnecessary expenses that eat into your carefully constructed budget. In […]

3 Health Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

There are a lot of options available when it comes to health insurance but as more families are tightening the belt strings just to survive, they are making costly mistakes in the health insurance arena. It may seem like a good expense to cut out when everyone is healthy but that kind of thinking can […]

New Year New Budget

Budgeting is not a once-and-done duty. In order for a budget to be successful, it needs to remain ever-revolving. As December quickly heads into a new year, it is the perfect time to review your budget and your savings goals. Getting passive about your budgeting system can also lead you to getting passive about your […]