Tips To Avoid Tax Mistakes

Due to the possibility of human errors during tax preparation, the IRS is warning taxpayers about the most common tax mistakes to be avoided. Tax mistakes may be genuinely made in error but can be costly if tax penalties are enforced and if an audit is the result of your mistake. Here are some of […]

Year-End Tips to Reduce Your Federal Tax Bill

Before it is time to file your tax bill for this year, you should put a little effort into updating your records and finances so you can save more at tax time. There are several strategies you can implement in order to reduce the amount of income tax you owe. Here are some tips to […]

Being Debt Free Just Isn’t Good Enough

This is a guest post by Kevin from DebtEye.  Kevin is the Co-Founder of DebtEye and is a certified credit counselor.  DebtEye provides customers an alternative to expensive third party debt relief companies.  If you’ve completely paid off your credit cards, don’t think you’re in the green.  If you have yet to pay them off, […]

When Do You Plan to Be Debt-Free?

Dealing with personal finance matters always requires a plan if you want to find success. Many people who are dealing with excessive debt may say they’d love to be debt-free but rarely do they actually plan to make that happen. In fact, the lack of financial planning may be just what got them in trouble […]

New Bills? I Didn’t Pay Off Last Month’s Yet!

Having money problems is not uncommon these days especially with the high rate of unemployment and higher cost of living. Even a few gallons of gas to get to work can set you back pretty far in a week’s time. As the living expenses keep adding up, you may find eventually that new bills are […]

Does It Pay To Go To Work?

If an employer asked you to work for free, would you do it? The answer is probably no unless you are one of the rare people who not only loves their job but also has no need for a steady income. In reality, even those of us who are fortunate enough to earn a living […]

5 Important Reminders About Your Family Budget

Family budgets are not always the easiest thing to maintain, especially in family with teenagers. When there are several family members working with the same one or two incomes, it can be hard to stay on track. The only way for a budget to work is if you keep up with it and allow it […]

H & R Block Offering Free Filing Services for 1040EZ Filers

It looks like some taxpayers may actually get a break – at least until February 15, 2013. H & R Block, the nationwide tax preparation specialist, is offering free federal filing for all taxpayers filing 1040EZ income tax returns at any of their US office locations. Take Advantage of the Free Filing Here » In […]

How Does A Reverse Mortgage Work?

If you are a senior, aged at least 62, then you are eligible for a reverse mortgage, but you are probably still wondering, “How does a reverse mortgage work?”  They are not quite as complicated as you may think. They are, in fact, a low interest loan that utilizes the equity in your home as […]

3 Ways To Reduce Fixed Expenses

When it comes to better money management and with a focus on debt elimination, you must regularly review what you are spending and find ways to cut back. Consumers have two types of expenses each month: fixed and variable. Variable expenses are the ones that change from month to month including groceries, gas, clothing, and […]