What You Wish You Knew About Tax Refund Anticipation Loans

For some people, tax time is a roller coaster ride of daily life, trying to find receipts and get all of the information you have from throughout the year compiled into one place. It can be trying for the most patient of people but alas, the job needs to get done. Once the paperwork has […]

TurboTax TaxCaster Review

TurboTax offers the TaxCaster refund estimator calculator tool for consumer use. The calculator is a free way to estimate how much of a tax refund, if any, you can expect for your tax year.   The calculator will ask you to fill in some estimated information. It doesn’t have to be totally accurate as the […]

How Much Money Do You Have To Make To File Taxes?

I often get questions from readers asking common money questions.  Most of the time, I give the best answer I can, and so I’m going to start sharing some of the more common ones here. Do I Have to File Taxes? Requirements change from year to year, so the following is based upon the 2009 […]