Identity Theft: Is Your Cell Phone An Easy Target?

Identity theft has been an ongoing problem for consumers for decades. Often going hand-in-hand with identity theft is credit card fraud, both of which can have significant and devastating effects on your personal finances. When a thief gets their hands on your personal information, it can start a domino affect causing problems in all areas […]

Be On The Lookout For Identity Theft and Fraud During The Holiday Season

Consumers are gearing up for the holiday season with mixed emotions. Many people simply love this time of year and all hustle and bustle that accompany it. Others find themselves increasingly anxious wondering how they will fit added expenses into a budget that is already stretched to the limit. Criminals count on these heightened emotions […]

Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Child identity theft is a common crime. It’s fairly easy for a criminal to steal a child’s identity because of how long the scam can go on before there is any reason to suspect it. Social security numbers are obtained when a child is born, but it really isn’t until the child is old enough […]

What to Do When you Lose Your Wallet

I have lost my wallet a couple of times in the past, so I hope to use that experience to help you. There are a few specific things to do right out of the gate. Following these steps can bring you closure in a hurry. Try to find it. First relax and think where you […]

How To Spot Identity Theft On Your Credit Report

Identity theft continues to be a growing problem in the United States and throughout the world. Millions of victims report problems resulting from identity theft each year, making it a concern for everyone. Despite the many ways you can prevent becoming a victim of identity theft, there are some situations which are simply unavoidable. Knowing […]

Take Steps To Protect Your Credit

The journey to debt free living is one that is long and difficult. In many cases this journey is fraught with obstacles that often leave your credit damaged. If you have been successful in eliminated debt you might think your journey is over, however you still have to face months if not years of rebuilding […]

Sample Letter: How To Notify Creditors After a Death

When family members pass away, there is a lot of things to consider and a lot of paperwork to complete. Sadly, in addition to all of the grief that accompanies a death of a loved one, there can also be additional grief that comes from the con artists who take advantage of the situation. As in […]