Where To File Taxes Online For Free

There are multiple resources you can utilize to file your federal income tax return for free. The IRS itself has estimated that nearly 70% of the 145 million income tax returns filed in 2012 were able to be filed at no cost to the tax payer. Where To File Taxes Online For Free Free Filing with […]

How to Gain Control of Overspending Habits

Overspending tendencies are one reason many consumers are over their head in debts. In many cases, the consumers who have trouble with overspending do not even realize it is a problem until it is pointed out to them by someone else or until they begin to take control of their personal financial matters. Regaining control […]

Why Angies List is Awesome – A Review

I had been putting off writing this review until I finished adding a garage to our house last year.  So now that’s it’s done, (are construction projects ever done?) I feel that I can adequately review my experience with Angie’s List. Get $10 off now – Use promo code SAVE TEN Use promo code LOCAL […]

H & R Block Offering Free Filing Services for 1040EZ Filers

It looks like some taxpayers may actually get a break – at least until February 15, 2013. H & R Block, the nationwide tax preparation specialist, is offering free federal filing for all taxpayers filing 1040EZ income tax returns at any of their US office locations. Take Advantage of the Free Filing Here » In […]

Where To Get Free Legal Advice On Debt Collection

When the debt collectors come calling…it can be tough.  When they begin to seriously harass or threaten you…it can be very frustrating and often scary.  What can you do and where can you get free legal advice on debt collection practices? There are debt collection consumer advocates that can assist you, along with several books […]

Free Sample Budget Spreadsheet

When I first started realized that I needed a budget, I started to look around for a simple way to budget with Excel, since I was familiar with it already.  I found a bunch of free excel budget forms, but I decided to create a household budget form of my own that ended up being […]

Best Credit Monitoring Services

If you have ever had your identity stolen, you know how difficult it can be to sort through all the false charges, work with your credit card company, or bank, and restore your good name and FICO score.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, approximately 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year.  There […]