4 Great Android Apps for Budgeting

Technology advancements have turned our cellphones into mini-computers and data organizers. If you have an Android-based smartphone, you have a large variety of personal finance and budgeting apps to choose from. Here are 4 great Android apps for budgeting: 1) Droid Wallet A very basic money management app, Droid Wallet will help you keep track […]

PowerPay 5.0 Review

Taking control of your finances and digging your way out of debt isn’t easy – particularly if you’ve dug yourself a decent-sized hole! Many people turn to debt management companies that help you negotiate with creditors and create a debt repayment schedule, but charge you a fee for the service. Before you pay someone else […]

Money Management International Review

With a history dating back to 1958, Money Management International (MMI) has been helping consumers overcome financial hardships for half a century. MMI currently has over 125 branch offices located in twenty-two states with six call centers making it the largest full-service credit counseling company in the nation. This non-profit organization offers credit counseling as […]