5 Things to Consider When Borrowing from Family or Friends

When you are experiencing a personal financial crisis and do not have the means to help yourself, you may consider turning to family and friends for help. In some families it may seem like nothing special to ask for money assistance but in other circumstances, a few hundred dollars can come between family members faster […]

Credit Repair After A Financial Hardship

A financial hardship can do major damage to your credit score. With lenders today offering the best loan terms to individuals with a credit score of 740 and up, having bad credit will seriously limit your options when it comes to borrowing money. Fortunately bad credit can be repaired if you understand the scoring system […]

How To Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Changes in the economy in recent years have brought to the forefront the importance of being a financially savvy adult. It only stands to reason that the skills needed to properly manage money begin when everything else in life begins- in childhood. As a society it appears we have strayed from some of the lessons […]

Dealing With A Financial Hardship

A financial hardship affects more than just your finances. When you are up to your ears in debt with no relief in sight all areas of your life seem to become more complicated. This is a result of the stress and worry that come hand-in-hand with a financial hardship. During these tough times it is […]

3 Reasons Why Debt Settlement Doesn’t Work For Everyone

If you are looking for information on debt settlement and whether it can help cut your debt in half, you will find thousands of articles on the topic right here on the Internet. Unfortunately the information available can range from very accurate to downright fraudulent. There are a few major factors that will determine whether […]

Sample Letter For Mortgage Hardship

With many people facing an uncertain financial future and still reeling from the effects of the recession it has become necessary for many people to communicate their hardships to their lenders.  Some lenders are willing to work with borrowers who can show they are experiencing a financial hardship. In many cases these lenders require a […]

When Can I Take Money Out of My 401k?

Due to the recent drop n 401k balances thanks to a shaky market, many people are wondering when and how they can take money from their retirement account in order to keep it safe or because they need to use it to pay back debts. Whatever the reason you have in mind when it comes […]