The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Looking at the way the world is changing, the more technologically savvy you are, the better. Many people tend to take advantage of the older citizen because of their supposed lack of technical knowledge and when it comes to cell phones, this thinking is very commonplace. Many companies disguise “senior mobile plans” as cheap alternatives, […]

Why Gift Cards are the Perfect Last Minute Gift

It never fails that just when you think you are done with your holiday gift shopping, you suddenly remember one more person you’d like to give a gift to during the holiday season. You are certainly not the only one who has experienced this last-minute gift crisis and retailers have long been providing an easy […]

Borrowing Against Your House: Pros and Cons

Your house is not only an important asset because of the safety and security it offers your family, but also because it can be like having money in the bank. With credit card debt on the rise and the prevalence of savings accounts on the decline, knowing that the equity in your home is like […]

How To Buy Gift Cards Without Getting Screwed

Gift cards used to be considered a safe bet for gift-givers that had no ideas for what to buy loved ones and friends during the holiday season or for other special occasions. However, with the many changes in the credit card industry and among retailers, gift cards are not what they used to be. If […]

BillFloat Review

When the economy struggles, so do consumers trying to make ends meet. Sadly, this is a common occurrence these days, as many consumers continue the battle against ever increasing living expenses coupled with dwindling financial resources. This often results in the birth of new business models that may or may not help consumers in a […]

Overdraft Protection: To Opt In or Not to Opt In

Overdraft protection is changing due to the new Federal Reserve rules. You can now decide what will happen when you try to use your debit card for a purchase but don’t currently have enough money in your checking account to pay for that purchase. Your bank probably used to just go ahead and cover the […]

How to Avoid Costly Fees and Penalties

Consumers have become so accustomed to fees and penalties that they are often no longer questioned. Accepting that they are a necessary evil, many people simply resign themselves to having to pay extra money for certain services, privileges or mistakes. In reality, these fees and penalties are not just nuisances, they cost consumers hundreds or […]

Credit Card Hardship Programs

There is nothing easy about finding or securing a credit card hardship program, although this is not how they got their name. Credit card hardship programs are designed by credit card companies as a way of ensuring some payments are made, even by account holders who have experienced extreme financial hardship. A look at some […]

What is the Dodd-Levin Card Act?

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, CARD Act for short, is designed to help protect consumers from predatory credit card company policies. Unfortunately it won’t take effect for 9 months, and the general feeling is the companies will do what they can before then to get as much of your money as possible. […]