New Era Debt Solutions Review

New Era Debt Solutions is a debt settlement company for individuals who wish to avoid filing personal bankruptcy by negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement on your unsecured debts. As most other debt settlement programs New Era Debt Settlement Program is designed to get you out of debt in less time than debt consolidation or credit […]

Top 3 Worst Debt Settlement Companies

This is a tough list to come up with because there are so many new debt settlement companies that are outright scams and treat their customers like ATMs.  But we’ve managed to narrow it down to a few of the big players that dominate the advertising scene and consistently drop the ball when it comes […]

How To Research Debt Settlement Companies

When most sectors of the economy are experiencing strife, the debt settlement industry is in a boom. This fact alone can leave a sour aftertaste, but debt settlement companies offer legitimate help to a lot of consumers who are grappling with extreme amounts of debt and are left with little or no solutions. Of course, […]

5 Reasons Debt Settlement is Better than Debt Consolidation

1. You Save Money. It’s true using debt settlement as a means to get out of debt saves you tons of cash in interest and fees.  Not only that, but by settling a debt you are actually being forgiven for a portion of your debt. Bottom ine is that you will end up paying your […]