Why Many Debt Relief Programs Fail

While the credit crisis is crippling many businesses, there are a few that are booming right now. Debt consolidation, credit card counseling, and even some banks are cashing in on consumers who have been fighting a losing battle trying to keep up with repayment of their debt. While most of these businesses are designed to […]

Strategies to Pay off Your Mortgage Early

Paying off your mortgage early can certainly have a huge impact on your ability to save money. In this day and age of continual problems in the mortgage industry, it can truly be an achievement to eliminate your mortgage payments entirely before the term of the loan comes to an end. Paying off your mortgage […]

5 Signs that You Need Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Help

Some people can climb out of debt through simple budgeting. They determine how much they spend each month, and then look for ways to cut down on that spending. Savings they find go right toward their debt, and over time, that debt starts to fall. Other people may find that budgeting simply doesn’t provide enough […]

American Association of Credit Counselors AACC Review

The American Association of Credit Counselors was founded in 1955, disbanded during the 1980’s but was re-established in 2010. They’ve kept the same core principals of putting consumers first and offering fair and transparent debt solutions for over 55 years. The new American Association of Credit Counselors (AACC) was formed during a meeting held on […]

Active Debt Company Review

People with more debt than ability to pay often turn to debt settlement companies for help. These companies offer to work directly with your creditors, and they claim they can reduce the overall amount you owe and make it easier for you to take charge of your debt and make progress on paying that debt […]

Credit Sesame Review – More than Credit Monitoring

People with severe debt problems have many online services to choose from. Run a quick search for “online credit monitoring,” and you’ll receive page after page of links to companies that will work with your creditors and lower your monthly payments. Not everyone needs this severe sort of help, however. Many people have debt from […]

What Is the Statute Of Limitations On Debt

Debt has several rules including how long creditors and collectors can pursue their debts. This expiration of debt is known as the statute of limitations and it can be a confusing concept for many consumers struggling with debt. Understanding the Statute of Limitations on Debt The statue of limitations on debt essentially put a deadline […]

Debt Relief Options for Business

Just like personal debt issues, businesses can also be plagued by significant debts and be hounded by debt collectors looking for payment. Business debt can be more complicated than personal debt because it can affect more than just one or two people. Owing money to vendors that you just can’t pay can put people within […]

Simple Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Save Thousands

One of your biggest debts in your financial lifetime is likely your mortgage. If you let you mortgage run its course, you will be paying almost as much in interest fees as you do for your principal – sometimes even more. If you can budget your way into saving enough money to pay off your […]

Getting Out Of Debt Requires Getting Organized

Debt and disorganization go hand in hand. There is no doubt there is a strong connection between how well you can management your environment to how much debt you continue to live with. As the start of a fresh year is upon us, people are gearing up to get (and stay) organized but truth be […]