5 Tips to Get out of Debt in the New Year

If you are about to enter a new year already burdened with debt, it is wise to start the year off right – with a plan for eliminating debt and preventing another year of financial burden for yourself. There are many things you can do to relieve yourself from the burden of debt and with […]

5 Signs that You Need Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Help

Some people can climb out of debt through simple budgeting. They determine how much they spend each month, and then look for ways to cut down on that spending. Savings they find go right toward their debt, and over time, that debt starts to fall. Other people may find that budgeting simply doesn’t provide enough […]

Should You Pay Down Your Debt or Save Your Money?

You’ve put together your budget, determining how much you owe each month, how much you owe overall, how much you earn each month and how much you have in savings. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a small pocket of money. Perhaps you’ve discovered a small amount of money each month that you could apply to […]

Making Money, and Staying Safe, With Work-at-Home Projects

If you’ve tallied the budget numbers over and over and you still can’t make the funds match up, you might be tempted to search for an additional job. Putting in a few extra hours here and there truly is a great way to get out of debt and move forward with your financial plans. Working […]

Active Debt Company Review

People with more debt than ability to pay often turn to debt settlement companies for help. These companies offer to work directly with your creditors, and they claim they can reduce the overall amount you owe and make it easier for you to take charge of your debt and make progress on paying that debt […]

Discuss Debt Before Marriage

As the big day approaches engaged couples have a lot of things on their minds. There is a lot of activity in the days and weeks before a wedding. With so much attention to detail going toward the wedding day, it is possible to overlook other issues which may seem insignificant at the time. One […]

How to Handle Feelings of Debt Regret

Financial management takes a lot of effort and a lot of heart. Even the most financially-savvy individuals can slip up and let themselves down by doing exactly what they shouldn’t. but living with debt regrets is no way to live and it certainly will not help you move forward. If you have made purchases you […]

When Do You Plan to Be Debt-Free?

Dealing with personal finance matters always requires a plan if you want to find success. Many people who are dealing with excessive debt may say they’d love to be debt-free but rarely do they actually plan to make that happen. In fact, the lack of financial planning may be just what got them in trouble […]

Tips for Securing a Job With Bad Credit Concerns

Since more employers are using credit check tactics to weed out job candidates in an already competitive job market, it is crucial you come to the table with the best credentials – and really good credit. Playing with the Catch-22 If you have been working to eliminate your debts with some success but your credit […]

How to Live Frugally With Excessive Credit Card Debt

The world we live in today is a very fast paced one where you have to have things now and can’t wait for another day. Such a vast majority of people live in debt and use credit cards that are very hard to break the cycle. Although using credit is a bad idea so many […]