Use Credit Unions to Rebuild Your Credit

In the interest of good financial practice, it is important for all consumers to do everything they can to keep their credit score in a positive light. Credit scores do not just dictate whether or not you can get a loan. Industries of all kinds are now relying on credit scores to make decisions about […]

Why Are Banks Starting to Charge for Debit Card Use?

  Banks have been working through the loopholes to bring in the profits lost from recent regulations. As a result, the costs they have incurred are being passed more often on to the customer. Bank fees have grown in just the last few months and consumers are left confused about how to hang on to […]

The Benefits Of Switching To A Credit Union

Very often people who have financial troubles fail to see how small changes in their day-to-day life can have a significant impact on their overall financial situation. Anyone trying to get out of debt and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process should understand that each small step taken to reduce costs and eliminate wasteful […]