How to Hurt Your Credit Score

There are many different ways to hurt your credit score, either intentionally or accidentally. Find out how you can avoid damaging your credit score.

Who Can Pull Your Credit Report And Who Can’t?

Are you aware of everyone who can pull your credit report? Many people do not realize that their credit score factors into more than just getting a credit card or a home loan. Any time you apply for credit, the potential lender can get your credit report to determine how risky it is to lend […]

Tips To Rebuild Your Credit

In today’s tough economic times, more and more people are finding that for the first time in their lives their credit rating has slipped. As people have been laid off, salaries have been slashed, stocks have crashed and so on, more and more Americans have been faced with economic hardships that they never anticipated. If […]

Dealing With the Downside of Bankruptcy

For some extreme cases of debt and financial instability, bankruptcy may end up being the only answer to one’s financial struggles. Credit repair is possible after bankruptcy but it certainly is not an easy task to rebound once bankruptcy has been filed. Bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make nor is it one that […]

3 Ways To Build Credit Without Credit Cards

I remember when I was 18, one of the main reasons I signed up for a credit card right away was because I wanted to begin building my credit. I would imagine a lot of people – both young and old – get credit cards for that same reason. Yet ironically, instead of helping our […]

When Late Fees and Charges Increase Your Debt

How often have you made a purchase or overdrawn your bank account and, when the payment came do, you couldn’t pay the amount owed?  Circumstances change fast, and it’s not surprising that one day we have money and the next day we don’t. When a debt collector finally reaches you, he/she may say you owe $1200 […]

Debt Collection and Debt Verification

Most people realize that at some point – and it could be years and months – they will be contacted about a debt that has gone unpaid.  This debt moves from the original source (e.g., retailer, credit card company, etc.) to a collection agency and then could bounce from one collection agency to another throughout […]

What Affects Your Interest Rate?

When you need to secure a loan or some type of financing, how much you are paying in interest makes a big difference for how much you are paying for the overall loan. The amount you pay in interest charges can be lessened greatly if you pay attention to the three important factors that affect […]

The Illusion Of Perfect Credit For Those With Debt

Have you ever watched a magician and wondered “how did he/she do that?” You know that what you see is not what really happened. But you still cannot figure out how it was done. The same thing happens with credit. Some people think they have “perfect credit” because they can still pay with credit card, […]

Do You Know What Your Credit Report Says About You?

Most of the general public knows that a credit report is an important part of your financial life but not everyone knows exactly what the report contains or how it can affect several aspects of their life. To be on the right path with your finances, you need to be aware of your credit worthiness, […]