The Importance of Credit Counseling

Credit counseling involves a one-on-one consultation with a credit expert; a person who understands and can explain the complexities involved in a person’s credit score.  While some people get credit counseling before applying for a credit card or a loan, many others do not.  While this is an individual decision that must be left to […]

5 Signs that You Need Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Help

Some people can climb out of debt through simple budgeting. They determine how much they spend each month, and then look for ways to cut down on that spending. Savings they find go right toward their debt, and over time, that debt starts to fall. Other people may find that budgeting simply doesn’t provide enough […]

Should You Pay Down Your Debt or Save Your Money?

You’ve put together your budget, determining how much you owe each month, how much you owe overall, how much you earn each month and how much you have in savings. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a small pocket of money. Perhaps you’ve discovered a small amount of money each month that you could apply to […]

Will Credit Counseling Hurt My Credit Score?

Credit counseling is just one option for those who are struggling with debt problems and credit issues to find relief and a light at the end of the financial tunnel. However, many consumers will shy away from getting the help credit counseling offers because they fear the process will ruin their credit score. This is […]

Debt Settlement Versus Credit Counseling

The options for dealing with debt problems are multiple but not every solution makes sense for all consumers. In order to eliminate debt and rebuild your credit history, you have to carefully evaluation which debt relief solution will work with your financial situation and needs. Two of the popular choices for debt help include debt […]

American Association of Credit Counselors AACC Review

The American Association of Credit Counselors was founded in 1955, disbanded during the 1980’s but was re-established in 2010. They’ve kept the same core principals of putting consumers first and offering fair and transparent debt solutions for over 55 years. The new American Association of Credit Counselors (AACC) was formed during a meeting held on […]

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Review

Consumers searching for options to eliminate debt and improve personal finances have many options from which to choose. Thousands of articles are available online, offering tips and advice on how to better manage your money. Turn on the television, radio or pick up any publication and you will likely find more information regarding money matters. […]

Novadebt Review

With so many families struggling with more debt than they can afford to pay, financial counseling businesses and nonprofit organizations have seen a surge in consumer requests for help. Novadebt is a New Jersey based nonprofit organization founded in 1991, and provides credit and financial counseling services to consumers in need. What is Novadebt? Novadebt […]

What To Expect From Your First Credit Counseling Meeting

If you are getting prepared for your first credit counseling meeting, you might be worried about what to expect and feel some hesitation about having to admit your need of third-party help. You are not alone. There are many people who have decided to get help before it was too late. Getting your finances back […]

Review of

With so many people in debt – either from poor financial management or the recession – digging your way out debt is a major undertaking. has been providing debt relief for over 10 years.  Their focus is on debt settlement and debt consolidation.  Here is what they offer that they claim makes them unique:  “Your support team […]