Identity Theft: Is Your Cell Phone An Easy Target?

Identity theft has been an ongoing problem for consumers for decades. Often going hand-in-hand with identity theft is credit card fraud, both of which can have significant and devastating effects on your personal finances. When a thief gets their hands on your personal information, it can start a domino affect causing problems in all areas […]

Freezing Your Credit Report

Identity theft and credit card fraud represent real threats to your financial security. As advances in technology continue to make financial transactions easier and more convenient for consumers, similar technology in the hands of hackers or con artists can have the opposite affect. Despite increased awareness of the dangers of identity theft and credit card […]

Take Steps To Protect Your Credit

The journey to debt free living is one that is long and difficult. In many cases this journey is fraught with obstacles that often leave your credit damaged. If you have been successful in eliminated debt you might think your journey is over, however you still have to face months if not years of rebuilding […]