How to Recover from Financial Distress

It is difficult to anticipate how financial fortunes will unfold. There are so many influences shaping personal financial matters, even the most conscientious money managers have a hard time covering all the bases. And just when the elusive promise of financial stability seems like a real possibility, unforeseen challenges of great magnitude can change your […]

The Scoop on Student Loan Refinancing

Student loan refinancing can save you a bundle of money and help to improve your cash flow and your credit. Refinancing your student loan is an opportunity for you to take the student loans that you have and reorganize them into a loan with a much better interest rate and/or a more affordable payment. Like […]

Best Places to Find Online Coupon Codes that Work

Online shopping has made it not only easy to get the merchandise you want from the comfort of your own couch, it also has opened the doors to better deals and special savings you cannot get anywhere else. Online coupons are big business and for good reason. In addition to the many perks from online […]

4 Steps for Removing Credit Cards from Your Spending Life

Credit cards are good for one thing – improving your credit score.  In order to get good credit, you have to use credit. Credit cards also can serve a purpose when you use them wisely to gain access to the multiple rewards card companies are offering consumers just for regularly using their cards. Unfortunately, credit […]

BillFloat Review

When the economy struggles, so do consumers trying to make ends meet. Sadly, this is a common occurrence these days, as many consumers continue the battle against ever increasing living expenses coupled with dwindling financial resources. This often results in the birth of new business models that may or may not help consumers in a […]

Best Online Cashback Programs

One of the advantages of the online world is the availability of great shopping deals.  When you combine a deal with a cashback program, you have a winning combination that just can’t be beat. What IS an Online Cashback Program? A cashback program is a kind of rebate program that is offered through certain websites.  […]

Keeping Cash At Home? Here’s How to Hide It

If you have ever had to clean out the home of an elderly relative, you may have found it odd that so much precious items including heirlooms, jewels, and even cash were hidden in the walls, floorboards, and other odd places. Back in the day, people didn’t have the security vaults, safes, and other resources […]

How Using Cash Can Save You Money

With more people steering clear of credit card debt, the number of non-credit transactions are on the rise. Many consumers are opting to use their debit cards for day-to-day purchases, however using cash can also help you save money while avoiding debt. There are many situations where the use of cash can not only prevent […]

Money Quiz: Answers to Keep You Debt Free

Starting out on the right financial foot is a great way to make headway into a solvent economic future.  Take the following quiz to see if you are on the right track to financial success. 1. Do you have a budget set up? Creating a monthly budget and sticking to it is a great way to […]

Tracking Your Personal Finances with the Envelope-Cash Method

Monitoring spending habits by using the envelope-cash method is a smart and easy way to manage your personal finances.  According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, one fourth of US shoppers reported they would use cash this November and December.  That is a 9% increase from the same time one year ago.  […]