5 Lessons About Money That You Will Never Learn In School

Back when I was in high school I remember thinking to myself “why do I need to learn this stuff, I’ll never use it in the real world”. And I’m sure students today say the very same thing! Well, now I know that some of those things I learned in school were worthwhile, even if […]

8 Ways to Automate Your Finances

There is a psychological aspect to personal finance management. Many consumers have trouble saving money simply because it is on hand and they tend to spend it. Personal finance experts have long been proponents of automated finances because what you do see, you are less likely to miss. Automating your finances means you set up […]

How to Use Mint.com’s Budgeting Tool

Mint.com offers a free budgeting tool consumers can use to get their personal finances on track and keep them there. The budgeting tool is an automatic resource which allows you to create a budget that actually fits your personal financial life. As many consumers start budgeting with good intentions, many slack off when they become […]

5 Tips to Get out of Debt in the New Year

If you are about to enter a new year already burdened with debt, it is wise to start the year off right – with a plan for eliminating debt and preventing another year of financial burden for yourself. There are many things you can do to relieve yourself from the burden of debt and with […]

How to Save Money with a New Baby

There has long been a saying ‘there is no right time to have a baby’. No matter how prepared parents think they are financially and otherwise, there are always surprises after the baby actually comes. While it is financially smart to plan ahead and have adequate savings to cover the additional costs, rarely is anyone […]

Save Money On Expenses

There are few people in the United States who utilize the power of negotiation and bartering as other cultures do throughout the world. As many people are becoming more open-minded about ways they can save money, there are many returning to the ways of the old in order to keep more cash in their pockets. […]

How to Improve Your Credit During the Holidays

The holidays often involve a lot of chaos, stress, and absent-mindedness. They also involve a lot more spending than you or your budget is used to in a year. As many consumers are still apt to wait until the last minute, financial decisions during this time are not always contemplated as carefully as they should […]

5 Cheap Dates to Help You Save Money

Couples who make budgets together tend to stay together. When you’re both committed to the same goal, getting out of debt, you become an effective team and you can motivate and inspire one another to stick to your goals and make a difference in your finances. As all couples know, however, spending each night looking […]

Should You Pay Down Your Debt or Save Your Money?

You’ve put together your budget, determining how much you owe each month, how much you owe overall, how much you earn each month and how much you have in savings. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a small pocket of money. Perhaps you’ve discovered a small amount of money each month that you could apply to […]

Making Money, and Staying Safe, With Work-at-Home Projects

If you’ve tallied the budget numbers over and over and you still can’t make the funds match up, you might be tempted to search for an additional job. Putting in a few extra hours here and there truly is a great way to get out of debt and move forward with your financial plans. Working […]