5 Banks that Don’t Charge Debit Card Fees

In the wake of Bank of America announcing $5 monthly fees for using debit cards many consumers are searching for new options. BoA is not alone, many big banks are looking for new ways to increase revenue after Federal regulations capped the amount banks can charge merchants. But consumer backlash might force banks to think […]

5 Reasons Credit Unions Beat Banks Every Time

In light of the changing rules regarding how much banks can charge retailers for interchange exchange fees, banks have ultimately started losing big profits. As a way to make up for the reduced income, the big banks have started pass along the cost to customers. There are hardly any major banks that offer incentives such […]

How to Balance a Checkbook

The art of balancing a checkbook may seem like the most basic form of Personal Finance 101 but the reality is there are many generations of consumers that are still doing it wrong or worse – not doing it at all. Balancing a checkbook should be an early lesson taught to kids by their parents. […]

Are You Checking Receipts?

Every consumer should understand the importance of checking their credit histories but a more important factor in your financial stability is often right in front of your face – yet consumers are still missing out on costly mistakes. Going to the mall, the grocery store, or even shopping online with your credit card can cost […]

Make Savings a Priority over ‘Wants’

Most consumers aren’t saving enough cash to meet any of their savings goals, if they have even set goals at all. Consumers are often quick to blame their lack of money as they reason they are not tucking away cash but in most cases, the money is there – it is the consumer not making […]

How to Stay Safe When Banking Online

Banking has never been easier. You can literally transfer funds from one account to another with a few clicks of your cell phone banking application. Since more banks are pushing for paperless account maintenance, there are more incentives for banking customers to get online and stay there. Old-school consumers may fear online banking because of […]

Moving Forward Financially into the New Year

One of the few positive things to come out of the recession is that it’s forced people to take a long, hard look at their spending habits and keep tighter control over their finances.  Most families do have a certain amount of debt, with car, home, and education loans topping the list, but it’s important […]

New Year New Budget

Budgeting is not a once-and-done duty. In order for a budget to be successful, it needs to remain ever-revolving. As December quickly heads into a new year, it is the perfect time to review your budget and your savings goals. Getting passive about your budgeting system can also lead you to getting passive about your […]

Consumers Beware of Online Christmas Criminals

As holiday shoppers across the nation work on their shopping lists and prepare to dive into Black Friday deals, cyber-criminals are also getting prepared to take advantage of harried consumers who are more concerned with getting all the gifts than they are with their personal security. Online shoppers are at risk for losing money thanks […]

Padding Your Bank Account Can Save Hundreds of Dollars

With all of the chaos we deal with in life, it’s no wonder that consumers find themselves being hit with more and more fees due often to simple oversight. Missing a checkbook deduction or paying bills late result in high fees and overdraft charges. Occasionally, one mistake can lead to a domino effect that can […]