4 Things You Need to Do Before Tax Time

As we all struggle to make it through the holiday season, the hectic schedules, and the overspending we may tend to do, there are some other things you need to be thinking about to keep your financial wits about you. After the New Year, everyone is gearing up for tax time but now is the […]

How to Balance a Checkbook

The art of balancing a checkbook may seem like the most basic form of Personal Finance 101 but the reality is there are many generations of consumers that are still doing it wrong or worse – not doing it at all. Balancing a checkbook should be an early lesson taught to kids by their parents. […]

How to Save Money at Tax Time

Tax filing time comes every year like clockwork and yet people still find themselves rushing around to get their paperwork together and often end up spending money to get their tax work completed. Being unprepared to file your taxes in time is one way you end up losing money because of rush filings, lost deductions, […]