BillFloat Review

billfloat review

When the economy struggles, so do consumers trying to make ends meet. Sadly, this is a common occurrence these days, as many consumers continue the battle against ever increasing living expenses
coupled with dwindling financial resources. This often results in the birth of new business models that may or may not help consumers in a time of need.

BillFloat is a start-up business that offers a solution to consumers who find themselves short on cash when the time comes to cover a bill. Founded in 2009 and backed by PayPal, BillFloat may seem like the answer to everyone’s dreams. As with all new businesses, it is important to learn as much as possible about the company before entrusting them with your personal finances. Here we take a closer look at BillFloat and how it could help you when cash is limited..

How Does it Work?

After reviewing the website and a few other online sources, it appears the concept is pretty straight forward. If you find yourself in a position where one of your bills is due and you do not have the money available to pay the bill on time, BillFloat will pay the bill and you repay BillFloat within 30 days. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s take an even closer look at how the process works to see what it entails.

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The BillFloat Process

First you sign up as a BillFloat customer which is at no cost to you. You will be required to provide contact information, social security number, your bank account information and bank username and password. In some circumstances this request for personal information might raise red flags, BillFloat must obtain this information to verify your bank account and ability to repay.

Next, you select the provider that BillFloat will be paying. There are over 3,000 billers in their database ranging from insurance companies to cable providers. Once you select the company to receive your payment, you enter the amount of the bill and the date it should be paid. At this time BillFloat will calculate the fee for the transaction based on the amount of the bill. Fees can be as low as $4.99 but are again dependent on the bill amount.

Finally, BillFloat pays the bill on the day scheduled and you schedule when you will repay the bill plus the fee within a thirty day period.

Benefits of BillFloat

The benefits are fairly obvious in that you get your bill paid on time, which reduces late fees and damage to your credit. You avoid bank overdrafts which cost way more than $4.99 and extend the amount of time you have to repay the money to BillFloat. All of which can help a person who finds themselves short of cash when a bill arrives.

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Drawbacks of BillFloat

Just as the benefits are obvious, the drawbacks are as well. Anytime you pay additional money on top of your normal expenses, you are decreasing the amount of money you would have for other financial goals. Granted, their fee appears very reasonable compared to payday loans or overdraft charges, however it is still a fee that can add up quickly. The model is also set up to reward consumers who pay back their money on time, by increasing the amount of money you can “float” and reducing fees. This might be habit forming for individuals who are constantly trying to make ends meet.

An interesting concept to say the least. As a start-up there is limited information available online to really form an opinion of this company and in times when scams are rampant, any new business is considered suspicious. On the other hand, it looks like an ideal solution for the occasional situation where a consumer needs help in paying a bill on time. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this company to shed more light on the subject.


  1. This looks like an interesting idea and even with a small fee they should make millions with so many people being in financial trouble. I wonder if they use your credit score as part of the process, as this would be a major set back due to so many of the people having their credit score ruined due to late, or no pays on them.

    • I don’t see anywhere on the site where it says they check your credit, but it does say “Get us your basic account information and the bill due date. We’ll let you know in seconds whether we can extend your bill. “ Not sure what that means, maybe just whether your bill is from someone they deal with. Always good to ask upfront.

      • Yes…they do check your credit. I’m so pissed cause I saw the same thing. Nothing saying they check your credit. I even printed the terms and conditions. I did not want my credit check. I can’t wait until monday because they have started a war. The company the use is

        CoreLogic Teletrack
        555-A Peachtree Parkway, Suite 600
        Norcross, GA 30092

    • Hi Mike:

      BillFloat does not perform a traditional credit check. We use the basic information entered in the application and within seconds, our service is able to tell you if we can extend your bill. If you have any questions about using our service, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and use the subject, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be happy to contact you directly and resolve any questions or concerns you may have.


      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

      • my name willie,ive been paying my lady phonebill on her accnt.with my d card.but when i try to pay my bill.they tell me ican not.because,my card been use on her accnt.that’s pretty dum.and it’s my card.if iknew that iwould have done it differntly than the way i did

        • Hi Willie,

          Thank you for your feedback. BillFloat does not allow customers to use the same debit card or biller account number for multiple accounts in order to protect against fraudulent use of their personal information. We apologize for any inconvenience this policy might create, but our top priority is safeguarding our customer’s privacy.
          If you would like more information or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by sending an e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
          Lisa R.
          BillFloat Customer Support Agent

          • and yes you do check the credit scores, dont say you dont because it comes up saying that after reviewing your credit we cant pay your bill for you. And then I find it on my credit report. This was the first time I had ever thought of using the service and I was only doing it because it was a toss up of heat or phones this week and with a baby in the house heat was a little more important but with me having medical issues I kind of needed the phone too and what happens? Denied, not like the money wouldnt of been in my account for them to get in less than 30 days. with the struggling economy it would of been nice to just once get something without having to go with out and I would of gladly paid the extra 24 bucks they were charging me.

      • Barbara says:

        I made an attempt to get a bill paid through Bill Float instead of paying a bill saying that they could not use my credit card to get the small copay that you have to pay upfront if you are approved, So I gave them another number and I was told that they could not use that number either because I had the new card issued to me less than 90 days, the next when checking my account I noticed that someone was taking money out of my account and I found out through the bank it was Bill Float but why? My application was canceled I have proof but, Bill float is refusing to put my money back into my account. has any one else gone through this and if so how was your problem solved?

        • K Bennett says:

          Now I am worried about these people. I am also having trouble with getting my card approved to use for a co-pay. I have had the card for years, but the website keeps saying it is an invalid number. I will be watching my checking account like a hawk! I don;t like that they have this information since I apparently can’t even use the service, and I can find no way to delete the account from Bill Float, much less delete the entire Bill Float account. So far my account has not been compromised, so I will be going to my bank today to block any attempts from them accessing my account.

          • Hi K,
            Thanks for posting about BillFloat! I will be more than happy to take a closer look at your account and discuss it in detail with you. Please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
            Lisa R.
            BillFloat Customer Support

          • Dede V. says:

            I have used BillFloat for over a year, but my account has had some issue, one after another, for the past month. I can’t get any help AT ALL!! Not a return phone call or an email…,I thin I have used this for the last time

          • Dede V v. says:

            I have been having the same issue now for over a month. I can’t get a return email or phone call. Also, Lisa R. That keeps responding to people is really no help at all.

  2. I went to try billfloat for the first time…there website is promising, but only one problem, they collect all your data and when the bank is being approved it doesn’t work…If you call them, they can’t help you or delete your file. I find that so hard to believe.

  3. Well, so far so good. This is my first time using the billfloat service. I had a cell phone bill to pay and selected the Billfloat option under the MetroPCS Express Payment option. I have to admit I was a little paranoid about releasing my personal information at first. Once I saw that they worked with Paypal I felt a little more at ease about it because I know from experience that Paypal is secure. They DO NOT check your credit. The decision for them to grant you the service is based on your checking account being open for at least 3 months, deposits being made, and account activity. After I entered everything including my bank information I was approved. My bank Suntrust is obviously a bank that they use. My bill is $45 per month through Metro PCS. I incurred a $8.00 fee at 3%interest rate in addition to the amount of the bill bringing the grand total to $53.00. I got a confirmation and it stated that my bill which is due today would be paid and that the $53.00 payment would need to be in my account on 2/26/2011 for them to withdraw for repayment. I think that this is a good idea for those who need a little help from time to time. I do agree that if you’re a person that doesn’t budget your bills well that this can become habit forming. Keep in mind that they do charge a fee for this service and that their fee is also determined by the amount of the bill. Therefore I would recommend only using the billfloat service in rare cases of emergency. Also, only one bill at a time can be extended. So, you can’t extend another bill until two-three days after repayment of the first bill has been processed. Depending on the company, there may even be a limit on the amount of the bill. As for providers that they support, there is a search bar on the site for you to put in the name of the company and search if billfloat( uses them. I hope that this information helps.

    • Thank Gina, this was very helpful. I am looking for a new phone since my current cellphone company is a bit pricey, so metro pcs is offering it and I saw the ad about the bill float, read it and now after your review, I am even more interested than ever. Thank you lots!!!!

    • The most certain DO check your credit (and without the required notice);

      Thank you for your application. We have reviewed your request, and we regret that we are unable to approve
      your application at this time.

      Our CREDIT decision was based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from the consumer
      reporting agency listed below. You have a right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know the information
      contained in your credit file at the consumer reporting agency.

      The reporting agency played no part…

      • Hello,

        Thank you for your comments! BillFloat does not perform a traditional credit check. All we require is some basic information and within seconds, our service is able to tell you if we can extend your bill. If you encountered any issues while using our service, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and use the subject, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be happy to contact you directly and resolve any questions or concerns you may have.


        Lisa R.
        BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • Sweet heart someone did not do there math correctly. If they charged you $8.00 on a $45.00 loan they charged you 17.8% that is a very high rate.

      • Actually, Big Mama, your math is off a little as well. $8 interest on a $45 loan carried for 30 days is a whooping 213.33% APR. I can see how you got your number though. If you divide 213.33 by 12 months, you get approximately 17.8% monthly interest. However, when people talk interest rates, it is assumed that people are talking about the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that is compounded monthly…in which case, it is 213.33%. Might as well compare apples to apples.

    • Gina I have to agree with you. I haveused billfloat twice for my metropcs bill and had no problem. I appreciate the extra time needed to pay my bill. In this economy, it’s very hard to make ends meet.

    • you work for Paypal why are you trying to diguise yourself as a customer? that just makes you loom more shady. i think this is a great idea and was just reading up on the company and ran into these comments. Paypal has great security and fraud protection but they dont provide it in a legal manner and i am sure that this company is not upfront and tells you one thing and does another in the name of security and fraud protection. we can put up witb it or we can stop using these companies.

  4. I would not hesitate to use Billfloat again and again. Almost instantaneous approval Paid bill the next day. The rates and fees are superaffordable. Money does not change hands. Billfloat pays the bill for me. Enormous number of utility and insurance companies too.

    • All of the info I was giving was true and I thought that it would help some people, not target me to be accused of lies and being an employee. I don’t get down like that…esp when it comes to people hard earned money!

  5. Kristina says:

    wondering how can i get a phone

  6. I have just set up a Billfloat account to pay my MetroPCS bill – the same day there were 4 fraudulent charges from my checking account – I contacted BillFloat – they claim you cannot delete account information or close your account – I contacted PayPal as they are listed on the BillFloat website and they have never heard of them and do not claim any affiliation.
    I am not sure BillFloat had anything to do with my account being hacked but I dont like that you cannot cancel your account once it is opened. I have had to change all my personal information.

    • Hi Solace116,

      There isn’t yet an option to cancel your BillFloat account, but we’ll definitely take your feedback into consideration. Thanks for trying our service out!

      Lisa Renfrow
      Bill Float Customer Support Agent

  7. I opened and account with BillFloat. I scheduled my Sprint PCS bill to be paid. I sent all my banking info and was told I was all set. So two days later I logon to my BillFloat account to see if the bill was paid. My BillFloat account said canceled..With no reason as to why. What really upset me was that I was not even notified. Goodthing I checked, or I would have been SOL..I would not deal with these people..Very shady….

  8. I used them to pay my Sprint bill and everything went through fine. I repayed them no problem. Now I am trying to use them again and for some reason they can’t verify or log into my bank (Wells Fargo). That’s very weird since nothing has changed with my bank or login at all.

    • Dawn – I know Wells Fargo just acquired Wachovia Bank so it may have something to do with their systems merging. I’d check with BillFloat Customer service.

    • Thank you Dawn! At least I’m not the only one that hasn’t had ANY problems!!!

  9. I used bill float and my account was canceled. They deducted Money out of my checking account. Ive been trying for hours to reach them and cant get through to anyone. Ive emailed left message and nothing. I’m really pissed about this. You can get through their phones lines and they take your money without paying the bill. Never will i use this company again!!!!

    • Ok update and sorry it took me so long. Billfloat did put the funds back into my account…i finally got someone on the phone..after of hours of dialing…but i did get thru and she explained to me what happened…some kind of way it was rejected from the company…I don’t know if i will use billfloat again. I think i will just to try once more, but i’m happy to say they put the money from my account right back in with no problems!!!

      • Hey Penny, glad that this worked out! Sorry for any confusion in the beginning. I hope you’ll use our service again.

        Lisa Renfrow
        Bill Float Customer Support Agent

        • I have to say the first time I’ve used billfloat to pay my sprint phone and it was a smooth application and was approved of course with my part of the portion/ co pay and my bill was paid off on time then when my payment was due for billfloat that was paid on time as well now 2 weeks later I wanted to use it again I was denied so it said after carefully reviewing your application were unable to approve your application so I’m very concerned about this if I was approved the first time why am I denied the second time and wasn’t even aware about checking my credit I’ve emailed no one hasn’t replied back I’ve called no answer I really want an explanation please to why I was denied. This is playing games

  10. You cant get through. Sorry had to correct that line

  11. THIS SITE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. THEY WILL CLEAN YOUR ACCOUNT OUT!!! i mean come on, how many professional people would ask for you online bank account PASSWORD? paypal has no affiliation with them AT ALL. if you have alot of money in your account they will pay your bill and in that 30 day time frame to pay them back they are cleaning out your account if you dont have that much money they will cancell your accouint and take the little money you do have. The person by the name of “Gina” (a few post post above me) claims eveything went so smooth and talks about how legit they are, guess what HE/SHE WORKS FOR THEM and he/she is trying to lure people in DONT FALL FOR IT!!! DONT FALL FOR IT!!! DONT FALL FOR IT!!!

  12. Ok Mr. Damien, Since you chose to target me and not the other 2 or 3 ppl that had a good experience…let’s go. First off, I am NOT a billfloat employee. I commented on my first experience with them and as you put it… yes it did go “smoothly”. As far anyone else I can’t say. I have used them like 3 times and I havent had a problem with their account or my bank account. I havent used them again. I agree that they are making money from the fees they charge so I wouldn’t make it a habit of using their service but again, they take what they are supposed to out of my account and on the date it’s due. So to each, his own. I suppose you’re going to accuse anyone else on here that has had no problems of being a billfloat employee. The reason why I went with it to begin with was because I saw the option to pay by billfloat on the metro pcs bill payment site. So, I assumed since metro was using them that it might be ok. Anywho, once again I say use your better judgement, if you use them and it works cool, if you don’t it’s a lesson learned. Next time Damien, find proof of what you say before you go accusing someone of being a freaking billfloat employee cause I’m not!

    • ALSO, If you notice he said that “IN THE 30 DAY TIME FRAME” they will clean your account out “IF YOU HAVE LITTLE MONEY”. I say, if you know that you won’t have the money in your account in 30 days to pay back, then don’t do the billfloat. They are not GIVING you money, you are BORROWING money from them to pay your bill! You’re only asking for trouble borrowing money you can’t pay back. Not only will they want their money back, but you’re going to get hit with all kinds of fees from the bank for overdrafting your account. Who doesn’t know this?! DUH

    • I have used Bill Float to extend a couple of my bills. I have had no problems, and works fine for me. On the date they say, they take out the money. It is your choice to extend another bill if you want. I think it is great for someone that just didn’t budget correctly for that month. It isn’t for long term solution.

  13. I’m not so sure about this service… I also saw this service advertised on an email I received from Sprint. I created my account and even made a partial payment toward the payment I was scheduling for Sprint. I did find it odd that they asked for my banking user name and password. Long story short, my Sprint bill was NOT paid as promised and now I am concerned about service interruption. I have had a really tough time getting through to Bill Float, when I did get through they told me it was sent and to call Sprint. When I called Sprint, they told me there is no payment pending and they never even heard of Bill Float, so of course I am concerned about this service. What’s the point of using and PAYING for this service if my service still gets disconncted??? If my payment is not posted to my Sprint account, I will be filing a complaint with the better business brueau!

    Moral of the story — pay your bills on time so you are not taken advantage of!!

    • if you call sprint they are good about working with you to keep yur account active. Anyone who uses a service that asks for you bank user name and password should just expect to be ripped off and should just flush there money down the toilet. Most bussiness will work with you if you need a little time bussinesses like bill float are just taking advantage of people who are in finacial trouble and should be burned to the the ground and the owner hung.

      • Cavey Troll says:

        Burned to the ground and the owner hung? I’l bet your camping in a tent in some park somewhere right now aren’t you? It’s an honest service and they do work with sprint so I don’t know what the difficulty was, maybe an account number was wrong or typo’d. Taking advantage of people? If your looking at service cutoff of say cable or electric service, even water service, It can certianly save you time and money, not to mention hassle.
        Save your breath decenters I am not an employee of Billfloat, but I have used their services here and there.Never had any problems. Maybe I’ve been lucky, or maybe some others have had bad luck. !!

        • Occupy Billfloat!! LOL

        • I am Cavey Troll and just read this post. I tell you it’s a fraud. I never posted this note and don’t know but suspect a company employee used my screen name to post it. I say Bill Float is a lying fraud company and don’t use it. My experience with them has shown them to be a bunch of crooks that take your money and run. I used them about 3 times for an on line game they advertised for through PayPal. On my last loan, ($50.) My deposit was a day late at the bank. One day. I made full restitution and paid all fees within 3 days of the original due date. 5 years later, they still won’t make another loan. I get a letter in the mail that say’s rejected due to a credit company report. My credit score is 730 points. All 3 major reporting credit companies give me a Very good rating. No charge offs, no repos or foreclosures. My direct deposits are $4000 monthly. I tried it again years later, and it still gets rejected with the same lying letter about a credit report. I have 3 checking accounts, all in good standing and only used the service because it was advertised on the on line game for which I used the service for, to purchase game points. and PayPal advertises it also on their site. The real Kicker is , they double charged me for the last loan that as I say was a total of3 days late., through no fault of my own. I disputed the double charge and got it refunded to me. The company has refused to do business with me ever since and sends me lying letters about being rejected due to a Credit Company report. Don’t do business here. I understood that they had relocated to California, then closed up. Believe me, They make it sound like a convenience, but it is a rip off instead. Don’t waste time calling either, you never get a real person, just a electronic switchboard that asks for an extension.

    • Jessica,

      I’m sorry to hear this. If you could email me at and include “Atttn: Lisa” in the subject, I’ll get in touch with you directly to work this out. This is an issue that we want to make sure gets resolved.


      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • BillFloat did resolve my issue, and my Sprint bill was paid eventually, about a week later than planned. Same as the others noted on this review, my transaction was somehow rejected in their system at first. It would have been great if BillFloat did not make me wait the full five days before researching the problem considering most of use this service because timing is of the essence. If I could wait 5 days, I wouldn’t be using the BillFloat service! I also wrote the Spring customer service team informing them they need to educate their staff. It’s not acceptable for a Sprint rep to tell the customer they have never heard of BillFloat, as it only causes undue anxiety. I was actually suprised to hear back from Sprint, saying they would do just that.

      Note to BillFloat – Research these issues the the first time someone calls, instead stressing us out for an additional 5 days.

      • Hey Jessica,

        I’m really glad this issue was resolved. Sorry again for the inconvenience. We’re still working out a few of our processes, so your feedback is very valuable to us.

        Lisa R.
        Bill Float Customer Support Agent

  14. Kimaada's Kloset says:

    THIS IS A SCAM!!!! I recieved a email from Sprint that my bill was late. At the bottom of the email it said “Need more time to pay your Sprint bill? Click here to check out BillFloat, an independent financing service that, if you qualify, will pay all or a portion of your outstanding balance on your behalf.” It looked like a normal email from sprint. It had my CORRECT account number and the correct t amount due. All the links sent me to, I googled the company and nothing bad came up. I just moved a week ago and money was funny so I figured why not give myself a little breathing room.

    Bill Float asked for either my debit card number or account and routing number…I pay bills online all the time and this is not a strange question to ask. It also asked for your SS# to check your credit if you didnt want to do that you may have to make a small deposit of $10. I dont give my SS# online so I chose the option to pay the deposit. After completing the process they immediately sent me an email with a confirmation # and thanking me for my service. Since my bill was due to be shut off I contacted Sprint to give them the conf #. Sprint had NEVER heard of BillFloat.

    To make a long story short I had to cancel my bank account and get a new one, cancel my debit card, change my online banking passwords and get a new sprint account. I also had to contact all my creditors that I have automaatic payment going to that account and change account numbers. I changed all my email or any online accounts that I have. I has been a nightmare.


    They may pay few customers bills just so they can have a few good reviews but then they STEAL everyone else’s money!!!!

    • Kimaada’s Kloset,

      I’m so sorry to hear this! As a small, new company, we are working with many new partners. Part of the process is making sure everyone is on the same page about how we help customers. Your privacy and security at BillFloat is our highest priority, and I can guarantee that we are not a scam. Though Sprint is one of our partners, we’re not a division of Sprint. If you contact our Customer Support, we can help you with your issue. You can reach us at and use “Attn: Lisa” in the subject line.

      Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help.

      Lisa R.
      Bill Float Customer Support Agent

      • Kimaada's Kloset says:

        I should have written this response a long time ago. I just got so busy with life I forgot. So here is the thing. BILL FLOAT IS a real company…. It is not fraud, they are not out to steal your identity…..well no more than any othe company as far as I know.

        So the update of my situations is as follows: I recieved a call from the person that was handling my case with the Sprint Fraud Dept, 2 days after I canceled my cards closed my bank accouts, put fraud alerts on my name and SS#. During the call he basically stated that Bill FLoat DID in fact work with Sprint. The relationshp was barely a month old and alot of the employees didnt know of this option. ect ect….. So basically, the Sprint rep, her Manager and the Fraud dept all had it wrong. Of course I was pissed. After doing all of that UUUGHH. …but at the same time very relieved.

        The truth is Sprint attitude was like, ( we made a mistake, we didn’t know oops), thats it. However, Lisa, from Bill float was very helpful, She understood my complaint, confusion and frustration. She insured me that Bill Float was a reputable company. As a good faith measure they posted the payment to my account Sprint account and did not require ANY payment from me. They called me several times to insure the payment posted. My payment was posted with Sprint. I can honestly say they had really good customer service..

        I am writing this because I figure if I can take the time out to write a bad review and do my part in giving them a bad reputation, than I can also take the time to write a response to explain the mix-up and report what Bill FLoat did to rectify the situation.

  15. I can say be careful. I did this for metropcs. the time my bill was due it didn’t go threw. so I was charged a late fee every day. my bill of 108.00 is now up to 186.00 6 days late because it says your bill will be paid on and it doesn’t so the next days comes around and another fee is applied and it still didn’t take my money out of my account. there is no were on here to pay the bill. this is how they make there money not letting a person make a payment? stay away from it or a bill that cost you 100 turns into a 200 bill.

    • Hi Melanie!

      Thanks for writing in with your concerns! I will be more than happy to help answer any questions or go over in detail with you about any specific issues. You can reach me at and use “Attn: Lisa” in the subject line.

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • Cavey Troll says:

      Metro charges a flat rate and it’s nowhere near 200 a month. More like 40 – 60 depending on options. I used bill float to pay my metropcs and had no problems. Something sounds less than accurate about your post.

  16. Monica McCarthy says:

    I’m disappointed in the service. I did use it for two months with no problem. When I tried to extend a bill for the third month all of a sudden I’m declined because they can’t “verify my identity”. Nothing changed from the previous month, I paid my extensions earlier than due. Their customer support is a joke because they can’t ever do anything to help you so I’m not sure what the point of their “customer support” is. They said they don’t know why it declined and there’s no one to call to find out the exact reason or what can’t be identified. Also, I had originally signed up with Chase Bank and then closed my Chase account and switched to Wells Fargo. It worked fine last month but now it won’t connect to my bank and keeps trying to connect to Chase which I no longer have. And of course, you can add as many bank accounts/credit cards as you want but you can’t ever delete any. Basically I was told the system changes every day, so I guess that means it’s luck of the draw like they decide at random who to approve and not approve. So if you can get approved, great; but if you need any help or “customer support” they’re worthless.

    • Hello Monica,

      I am so sorry you had these issues! BillFloat is still a fairly young start up, so some parts of our service are still evolving. I appreciate your patience as we continue to improve and thank you for pointing out those areas that still need work.

      Feel free to e-mail me directly at and use “Attn: Lisa” in the subject line and I will be happy to personally discuss your situation.

      Thanks again for taking time to comment.

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  17. ive used billfloat once with no problems. im trying to use for the 2nd time and nothing is working now…..trying to pay the same bill, ive contacted customer service, and yet to receive response…..beginning to wonder if this is truly a safe company

  18. I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with your second bill. At your convenience, please e-mail with “Attn: Lisa” as the subject line and I will personally work with you to solve this issue. I can assure you that we are safe and use the same payment system as major banks. Thank you for the comment!

    Lisa R.
    BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  19. how do you sign up on bill float to make a purchase for a cell phone????

    • Hi Anna,

      Thank you for your question. We CAN help with a new phone purchase! We have partnered with MetroPCS to get you more time. We pay for your order now, you pay BillFloat back in 3 installments: today, 30 days and 60 days. The signup is easy – just select BillFloat as your payment option, answer a few questions and accept the terms. Your transaction takes place on BillFloat’s secure infrastructure that is compliant with critical financial services industry rules and regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions. We will be happy to help!

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  20. Lisa Marie says:

    They DO NOT CHECK CREDIT ……”There’s no credit check required.” I got that from the website, I choose to use Billfloat after I did a lot of research. I do not regret it one bit! I have no credit and I have never had a credit card or loan in my life and my registration was fine. The only problem was the bank log in because I was just confused on how to enter a code that was required but everything worked out fine. Unless your confused with bill me later thing, yeah those ppl check your credit and I was denied right off the bat, i’m 18 and just starting out in this credit world unfortunately

    • Lisa Marie says:

      I just realized theirs another Lisa here.. awkward …Well Lisa isn’t my real name just trying to stay safe online since I am extremely paranoid about identity theft.

      • Lisa Marie says:

        P.S don’t pay something on the day its due because it could take them up to 3-days to get the bill paid. Luckly metro was an instant payment.

        I guess they send out a check with your info to the company to get things paid idk I’m just guessing…so fridays and saturdays are not such a good day aswell since things might end up a little longer in the post office since we all know post office are closed on sundays

  21. I,ve been using billfloat for a while now and now i logged on they said my account is temparaly suspended, somebody has used my account with someones else card to pay my bill in order to used it to pay onother bill, I call billfoat regarding the issue, they say they will call me back I have email them but i get no reply ,,this is fraud, the web is not secured, how can someone hacked into my account and the company cannot do anything about it or tell me whats going on!!

    • Hi Shell,

      Thank you for your post. Our top priority is keeping your data secure. To achieve this, we have implemented the same high levels of security that are used at the largest banks and financial services institutions. Your data is also encrypted on our network using high-level encryption, and we monitor every step of each transaction.

      Customer accounts get suspended for a variety of reasons in order to protect the privacy and security of our customers’ data. Please e-mail me directly at with the subject, “Attn: Lisa” and I will assist you.

      Lisa R.

  22. This is the worst Bill Pay that you could imagine. We changed Bank Accounts and you cannot change your bank account with them. You are screwed. They are the worst .4

  23. Maceo williams says:

    I purchased a family plan with Metro pcs, and have never missed a billing date with them. For my first late payment, they referred me to this company called Billfloat. After giving all my High confidential information, including my bankI needed to put some money down, dont you think I would have paid my bill. I hate that I gave my BANKING PASSWORD just to be told that. Now Metro pcs just lost a customer who never missed a bill who has a family plan under this account

  24. Maceo williams says:

    I purchased a family plan with Metro pcs, and have never missed a billing date with them. For my first late payment, they referred me to this company called Billfloat. After giving all my High confidential information, including my banking username and password just to be told I needed to put some money down, dont you think I would have paid my bill. I hate that I gave my BANKING PASSWORD just to be told that. Now Metro pcs just lost a customer who never missed a bill who has a family plan under this account

  25. Despite misgivings I decided to try this to pay Sprint as they provided me the link to Bill Float. The first transaction worked exactly as expected. The second time, my application was put ON HOLD because the account number would not be accepted by the system. That didn’t stop Bill Float from deducting the $10 from my account and after 3 phone calls and 5-6 days I am still waiting on a refund and an explanation why the cancellation of the application was not immediate as well as the refund.

    Note to Bill Float: You should NOT deduct the $10 or advance fee IF THE APPLICATION IS ON HOLD. Pretty simple concept – don’t collect a charge for a service until you know you will provide it. Waiting on return call from management/supervisor…

    • Hi CJ,

      I’m sorry you had this experience using BillFloat. Please contact me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” so I can help resolve your situation. Our customers are really important to us. Thanks again!

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

      • Lisa: I sent you an email with no reply so far, and of course no refund for my $10 prepayment for an application that was officially cancelled two days ago – with initial phone calls requesting same going back 10 days.

        If you *really* want to settle problems like mine, you (Bill Float) should provide your direct phone number in your email to expedite solutions to problems like mine.

        Note to potential customers: Upper management resides “somewhere in San Francisco, California” and the 800# is to a call center in Illinois. When I asked to speak with upper management, the phone rep chuckled. Apparently I am important enough to give them my money – but not so important as to be able to contact upper management with legitimate concerns.

        When you shop at Walmart or Sears, etc, can you not ask – and speak with – a manager? It should be no different with an online establishment when customer service personnel cannot resolve your issue.

  26. Hi CJ,

    I hope you received my email explaining your situation and confirming your refund of $10. Please rest assured we take your feedback seriously, and are constantly working to improve our customer service and response times.

    Lisa R.
    BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • Lisa: Thank you for your reply.

      Yes, I received your email and while I appreciate you are just trying to do your job, the email just reiterated what I already knew. I had already made multiple phone calls myself to customer service, and even got a supervisor on the phone who said she would make sure the application was cancelled *that day* AND to call me back that day. She did the first, but not the second.

      There is no explanation from the owners of this business how this could happen, and why on December 8, I still do not have my $10 refunded. Lisa, if you cannot *expedite* a solution, then who can? Why can’t I speak with an officer of the company? Also, I requested that you call me to discuss this directly – it just adds insult to injury to be forced to deal with a problem via email.

      Now, what if the mistake was much larger than $10? These days $10 is like $100 to people in trouble, so the amount is really beside the point. There is a serious flaw in your service if you collect money up front and then for whatever reason do not perform the service, but take over 10 days to refund the fee.

      Thanks moderator for letting me post here. If I had not found your website, I would have even attracted the attention of Lisa – having instead to rely instead only with customer service reps who mostly sounded confused and inefficient.

  27. At 11: 00 p.m. 12/08/2011: I finally have my $10 back – Bill Float had these funds from December 1 until December 8, and no service was provided for this fee.

    It may seem petty: $10 over 8 days, but if this type of error occurs with many customers it is not such a petty thing anymore.

    I am sure this was initially a simple error which was compounded by untrained/inefficient work force. But clearly there is no a chain of command at this call center where a customer can speak to a person in authority to explain the problem, receive a real answer, AND WHO CAN EXPEDITE a solution.

    No member of management bothered to return my call – and its pretty clear the whole enterprise is run by computer with remote customer service and upper management several states away, well protected by gatekeepers.

    So, I will be looking into filing a formal complaint against this company…

  28. Itumbleyoutumble says:

    I have been trying to add another card to my profile to no avail, I called customer service and recieved no answer. If I could have some assistance that would be wonderful. I have sent an email to “Lisa” and have not received an answer. I would like to try this company please help, thank you.

  29. Hi Itumbleyoutumble,

    Thank you for your comment. Please e-mail us at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” and include your username, “Itumbleyoutumble” so we can identify your account and help resolve this issue for you as quickly as possible.

    Lisa R.
    BillFloat Customer Support

  30. I used Billfloat to purchase a cell phone on metro and I was having a little trouble with the site and it said my app couldnt be approved at that time and I tried again and it went through. Everything verified and payment has been taking out of my account as explained! I’m glad Billfloat is around it helped make for a better birthday gift for my friend 🙂

    • Make sure you pay your bill in 3 months or billfloat will keep on taking money from your account for an additional 7 months making your purchase twice as muc. They don’t tell you at MetroPcs that this is a lease. Iwould had paid for my purchase in full had I known.

  31. I’ve used Billfloat in the past but I just tried use them again in the beginning of December. Unfortunately the part of the website that verifies your banking is not working. I called customer service and was told “The IT department is working to correct this issue” I got this same response the WHOLE month of December and guess what? That part of site still not working today. Is Billfloat still open for business?

  32. Bill Float has been a life-saver to my family. During the summer months when our air conditioning wasn’t functioning properly and the landlord wanted to cut corners instead of having it repaired correctly, we were receiving $500 Georgia Power bills. We utilized Bill Float on different occasions and each time, they performed as promised. I am sorry to read of other individuals that have experienced some hiccups with this company, but frankly, I would recommend them to anyone in need of temporary assistance. Thank you Bill Float!

  33. BARBETTE ARON says:



    • Hi Babette,

      Thank you for your comment. When we say BillFloat does not perform a traditional credit check it means, we do not look at a customers’ “FICO score” to determine whether we can extend a bill. We do however, check other information to make our decision.

      We’re sorry your request to float a bill was denied. BillFloat strives to approve as many requests as possible. However, each decision is based on the information provided in the application process. Each time you apply to float a bill, we re-evaluate your application. So although we weren’t able to assist you this time, we hope to be able to assist you in the future.

      If you would like to discuss your personal situation, feel free to contact me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  35. Nicholas K. says:


    After a really simple first transaction that took just a couple moments to sign up, get approved and complete the transaction, and having a $10 upfront payment, I was very satisfied with your services and considered this to be an option to keep in mind for future uses.

    With that past transaction in mind, I chose to cancel a cell phone line that wasn’t in use, and figured I could float the termination fee, and it would be easier to cover when it would be timed with the first reduced bill. Unfortunately, I ran into issues with your organization and the process as a repeat customer. The first time I used your service I used my debit card, your system was able to validate the history and approved me instantly for $10 upfront. Having actually paid it a few days earlier than required, I expected the same $10 upfront or maybe nothing upfront. I was shocked that after numerous problems even getting an application to process due to website issues, it came back saying $60 upfront. In the FAQ page, it states as reasons for an upfront payment:

    The information on your application may not have been able to be fully verified by our identity check and security systems

    Your bank account balance or tenure may not be sufficient at this time

    We don’t have enough experience with you as a customer at this time

    Now, I am paying the same bill, for $225, last time was $218, using the same repayment account, so the tenure, deposit history and balance are similar, balance is actually higher than when originally approved, and I am a returning customer that paid the first loan off early. Why would you now request $60 rather than $10 upfront?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to start at $60 and go down to ten as a history is made rather than increasing the upfront and using your description to say I am more of a credit risk as a repeat customer than I was as just someone visiting a website for 3 minutes? Also, the fee structure is the same dollar amount, but very different APR due to this change. The fee as approved as a repeat customer is a total of $20.53 on a loan amount of $165 ($225-$60) which comes to a true APR of 149.3% VS the past transaction at loan amount of $208.57 with fees of $21.70 giving an approximate APR of 124.85%. Can you please assist me in understanding how using the same repayment account, paying the same payee, and a repeat customer, your organization needs to reduce the credit line, raise the interest rate by 25% and raise the upfront payment by 600%?

    I like the business model, and believe that once your get better known and the kinks worked out both internally and externally this should prove to be a profitable and respectable niche market that has been found.

    Look forward to the reply,

    Nicholas K.

    • Nicholas I am having that EXACT issue. Last month I requested 225.00 for a bill and had to pay 10.00 up front. This time I am trying to pay that same biller again for 200.00 and now they want 50.00 up front. I am asking for less but they want me to give more. Also when I first signed up with them, they were able to login to my checking account fine and pay my entire bill with noe deposit upfront. Ever since that first time their system will not login into my account anymore and I always have to pay something up front. Nothing on my account has changed so I don’t get why they could connect once, but never again. Customer service has not been able to tell me anything other than “we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do on our end” This is frustrating to say the least. I had no problem paying the 10.00 upfront last month but now they want more up front for less of a loan. I think I need to leave them alone now. It sonds like they just need to get more money in so this is their way of doing it.

      • Hi Dawn,
        Thank you for posting! We have sent a reply to your e-mail requesting additional information in order to provide assistance. We hope to have this solved for you as soon as possible. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by replying to your e-mail. Thanks again for your comment.
        Lisa R.
        BillFloat Customer Support Agent

        • Hi Lisa. I am trying to repond to you but the emails keep getting rejected (even when I “reply” to the email you sent). They all come back saying the email is undeliverable. I have tried sending from 2 different email addresses.

          • Hi Dawn,
            Thank you for the fast reply. Please make sure you are sending your e-mails from the e-mail associated with your BillFloat profile. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon!
            Lisa R.
            BillFloat Customer Support Agent

          • I am using the email associated with my billfloat account and they keep rejecting. I even tried replying to the one you sent and it rejected. The problem is on billfloats end, not mine.

      • Gabrielle says:

        They asked me to pay money upfront too. If I had money at the moment, I wouldn’t need Bill Float.

  36. Hi Nicholas,
    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss your account in detail by e-mailing with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be happy to discuss it with you in detail. Thank you again for posting!
    Lisa R.
    BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  37. I had been a billfloat customer for 2 months. It was a real life saver for me. It gave me additional time to pay a gas bill. I had no issues the first 2 months. I repaid the amt without issue. Now, i am upset because i am trying to pay a bill and it keeps denying me due to some verification issue on my acct. There was no issue before and now all of the sudden its not allowing me to do it.

    Customer service says wait a few weeks and we are sorry but that is what it is. I dont understand nothing has changed in my credit or application since i started. So, you tell me that you can use it for 2 months and then get cut off. I see how bill float treats there customers. Not happy with billfloat at all.

    • Monica McCarthy says:

      I had the same problem. Paid a bill two months in a row with no problem and then all of a sudden the third time I try to pay a bill they “can’t verify my identity”. When it tries to connect to the bank, it tries my old bank. Spoke to customer service, sent an email to “Lisa” and got the same response – “Sorry, nothing we can do”. They really need to get their act together. They always say they’re a fairly new company and still “improving their service.” Well, it seems to have worked fine before and the more they try to “improve” the worse they get. It’s ridiculous that you can add as many banks/cards as you want but you can’t delete any, and apparently whatever bank you had when you first signed up is the one they will now always try to authorize with no way to change it. If a person changes banks, they should be able to also change it with Bill Float otherwise you’re screwed.

      • My checking hasn’t changed only the bill i want to pay. I paid with this checking for last 2 months without issue. This checking is 4 years old. I had repaid the last 2 months without issue. I was relying on bill float to help me.

        This is ——. They told me to try again 3 weeks. Well you can’t tell your cable company or light company wait a couple weeks. I sent a complaint with bbb. this horrible.

      • Hi Monica,
        Thank you for posting. I am happy to see your request went through this morning. We evaluate each application individually. As your circumstances change, so may your ability to be approved. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any additional questions by sending an e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” Thank you for your patience and for using BillFloat’s service.
        Lisa R.
        BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • Hi Russell,
      Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue using our service. In order for me to take a closer look at your account, please e-mail me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be happy to help resolve this with you. Thank you again for posting.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent

      • I still not getting approved as of 1/30/2012. I have emailed Lisa R at billfloat. Please reveiew and see whats causing my denial issue. Like i said i am upset and this is getting old.

        • Still not response from Lisa R from billfloat. I still am getting denied for newwave communications after 11 attempts. Nothing has changed on my acct. I went 2 months without issue. I though billfloat was a good company. No one will tell me why i am being denied for some verification issue.

          Well, then tell me what to correct. I need to get this bill paid asap. So come on please.

          • Hi Russell,
            Thank you for the fast reply. I have contacted you via e-mail with additional details concerning your question. I hope that helps. Please do not hesitate to reply to that e-mail should you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you again for posting!
            Lisa R.
            BillFloat Customer Support Agent

  38. I spoke with Lisa R. This is a joke. I am highly disappointed. It is based on your credit. I use bill float for 2 months without issue. Paid on time. I also had no changes to credit at all. They told me to wait a few weeks and try again.

    Thanks alot, i needed help. I got none. I am not going to recommend billfloat to anyone.

    Russell Jennings

  39. Oh well, after checking daily for 2 weeks. They can’t verify my acct. Was unable to use service and pay bill. I need help and got none. Customer service couldn’t tell me why?

    That shows alot if they can’t give you an answer why!!!!

  40. Well, I tried using them today and got denined for “Not able to verify identity:. What does that mean? All information is correct, never bounced a check, account has been open for years… now they have my banking username and password somewhere in their systems. WTF?

  41. Yes the same thing happen to me i was denied.i had to give my social security and my bank user name and password.when i was denied i changed my banker id .they say they dont credit checks but they do

    • I complained on them to the bbb. Nothing was done, they stated no credit checks are done. They are done. I was able to use the for 2 months without issue, and then they kept denying me. Now when i try it goes to an automatic rejection within 2 seconds. Nothing has ever changed to my credit, bank acct, nothing.

      What a joke. I really needed to use this service. I thought i did good by paying on time. But nope!!!! WTF!!!

      They even admint due to my credit, i can no longer use there service.

  42. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your comment. BillFloat does not perform a traditional credit check, which means we do not look at a customers’ “FICO score” to determine whether or not we can float a bill. We do however, check other sources of information to make our decision.
    We’re sorry your request to float a bill was denied. BillFloat strives to approve as many requests as possible. However, each decision is based on the information provided in the application process. Each time you apply to float a bill, we re-evaluate your application. So although we weren’t able to assist you this time, we hope to be able to assist you in the future.
    Lisa R.
    BillFloat Customer Support Agent

    • The saddest part about this “canned” response, is that I email your customer support a week ago and never even received a reply. Yes, I put attention to you, and not a single fuck was given. So either your support team sucks, or you just do not give two craps.

      Moral of the story? Stay AWAY from these people.

  43. Gabrielle says:

    I started out trying it, because T-Mobile suggested it to me, but I stopped before getting to the end, because they charged me an upfront fee which defeats the purpose of the whole idea of them paying my bill for me. Plus I started to get a little scared. I don’t usually like just giving my information out like that.

    • Good thing you didn’t, Gabrielle. These people are con-artists and fraudsters. Billfloat is a SCAM. Stay away from or get ripped off.

  44. Barbara says:

    Be, carefuI I was attempting to get a bill paid through Bill Float I’ve used them before no problem, yes problem after they told me that my card wasn’t wasn’t any good and that they could not verify my account. Someone used the info- machine error I do not know but they took money from my account. And now I have to wait through a long drawn out process for them to investigate where the error was.the error was that my funds were taken out of my account. All I want is for my money to be put back into my acct. these funds should not have been taken out of my account. I am learning not to give out info you never know who you are giving it to . I’ve paid the bill that I wanted them to pay but this is a lesson learned and the funniest thing they promised me that I would have my money back in 2 to 3 business days. That wasn’t true I am still waiting. Talking to the people in tier 2 don’t bother they starting hanging up on me when I called to see what was going on and they used the word IF it was their error. IF your company takes something from me why would you hang up on me??????

  45. Billfloat is so full of bs. After calling three times and being on hold for over 5 minutes each time I finally got through to a Rep. I asked her to cancel the loan since it had not been paid, and she stated that they couldn’t since they’d already sent it. I applied on a sunday and called the very next day so how could they have sent the payment already? It showed that the money would not be deposited until 3 days later so how is it that they cant cancel? I decided to pay the bill myself since it couldnt wait and billfloat will not get a dime from me. These people are SCAM ARTIST!!!

    • Hi Krys,
      Thank you for posting. When an application to BillFloat is approved, the bill payments are sent as soon as possible. This process can either be immediate or it can take up to a few hours. Once you agree to the terms of service and the loan agreement, we immediately send the funds to the biller. If you would like to discuss your question in detail, please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be more than happy to help. Thanks again!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  46. I thought I would give billfloat a try but feel that I made a big mistake!!!! I received a email stating that my bill was paid on the 25th of this month and still it is not showing up as paid on my statement and when I call to get help it has to be investigated, well it doesnt help when my service will be shut off because I was counting on them to pay my bill as directed. I bet they will take the money out on the EXACT day they plan on taking back the payment!!! VERY VERY VERY disappointed and it looks like this whole experience is going to cost me more then it was worth.

  47. brittbratt says:

    Sucks big time. I tried to pay my metro PCs phone bill and it keeps telling me that billfloat is not available. I cant even get through! It wont let me get pass putting the amount in. i just gave up!

    • Hi Britt,
      Thanks for posting! I’m so sorry that you are having an issue paying your bill. Please contact me directly by e-mailing with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. I will be happy to work with you directly to see what the issue is. Thanks again for posting!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  48. Yolanda says:

    I’m having problems getting on the site once I log-in. I have emailed and called and keep getting these generated messages about them receiving my request, it sucks not being able to contact a real person when you need help. I have even tried emailing Lisa and get the same response, calling is pointless because there is not option for not being able to get on the site. When I log-in it says we are sorry and they are working on the issue at this time. Obviously they are not working on it because I haven’t been able to log-on since the weekend.

    • I have used Billfloat many times and have never had a problem. Everything from paying my bills to buying a $400 phone and have not had a single issue. I have poor credit and was approved for use. All of my bills were paid instantly and it has been a pleasurable and convenient experience each time. For the complaints above about scams and taking your money… Don’t take a loan if you wont have the money on time to repay it, and don’t call something a scam until you have personally used it and have been scammed. Look at the list of the fortune 500 companies that offer Billfloat as a method of payment. You think they just said…”Eh, we here at Sprint have made enough money, lets join a scam and throw our company down the drain.” Get real. If you are aren’t able to repay your obligations or aren’t bright enough to navigate your way through the very simple process then I suggest you go get a refresher course on your education and reserve the comments for your friends on Facebook. Billfloat has been helpful and I am grateful for their service. I recommend them to anyone that’s in a tight spot or would like a way to stretch out some of their bigger purchases.

    • Hi Yolanda,
      Thanks for posting. We have contacted you via e-mail with additional information. If you are having an issue logging in try going to the direct link: and fill in your e-mail and password. If you continue to have issues please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” and I will be happy to take a closer look at your account.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support Agent


  49. well i signed up for billfloat last week and it said that my cable bill would be paid on june 18th, it is now june 20th and my cable bill has not been paid and i have also been sent a shut off notice from my cable company, also when my computer was left unattended for a moment while i ran to the restroom my friends kid who doesnt know how to read, hit repay now, i immediatly contacted billfloat through email to ask if anything could be done because i didnt have the funds in my account at this time and that my repayment date isnt until july 18th. i was informed it will take 7 days to process the repayment, which would have been great cuz i get paid on friday, however they took the money out of my bank account causing my account to be overdrawn by 140 dollars. im still awaiting contact back to see if anything can be done now that the payment has gone through… but i am frustrated and idk if i will ever use this service again, especially because they have my money and my bill is unpaid.

    • Hi Shanna,
      Thanks for posting! I will be more than happy to take a closer look at your account and discuss it in detail with you. Please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  50. Christina says:

    I had a Sprint bill that I paid with Billfloat…well they took the money out June 18th, then sent me an email on the 22nd saying the bill has not taken out yet…so they took it out AGAIN today. And of course there isn’t anyone to call, so I had to call my bank to do a stop payment to avoid overdraft fees

    • Hi Christina,
      Thanks for posting. We will be happy to help. Please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” and I will be happy to help you directly. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

      • Yolanda says:

        I have emailed these folks twice. For some reason the only way someon responds to me is on this website. For some reason it can’t verify my bank info and i have never had this problem before. I emailed Lisa and heard nothing back from her.

      • Christina says:

        Lisa, I did everything you said to, with faxing my bank statements to customer support. I thought the problem would’ve been taken care of, yet my account was charged again on Friday!!!! This is becoming exteremly frustrating, as I have had to put a stop payment on anything coming in from you. My account is still showing overdue on BillFloat. I have had other bills late because of this. I need to speak with someone, since I am not getting any emails in reply.

        • Hi Christina,
          Thanks for posting. We’re looking into your issue and will contact you as soon as we have completed our research. Thank you again for your comments and we look forward to resolving your issue soon.
          Lisa R.
          BillFloat Customer Support

          • christina says:

            My account has been charged yet again. I still have a stop payment in place so it will be coming back to you. I received an email Wednesday telling me my account was paid. This is getting ridiculous as I am falling behind on other bills. I guess the next and best step to take since I am not receiving any help from billfloat is to close my account and open a new checking account. I will not refer your services to anyone

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  51. The reason you only get a response here, is because these comments are PUBLIC, and therefore BILLFLOAT will not ignore public complaints. I used BillFloat a few times and it was a lifesaver, but they are continually changing their criteria REGARDLESS of what they say and the last time I was denied, so now I would never rely on them again. ANY COMPANY that has this many snags and a customer service crew who IS nearly POWERLESS to fix problems, and a very strange automatic system, doesn’t deserve my business. Lisa, please just skip this complaint – from what I can tell you are just authorized to put out a few fires – and as I said before BillFloat lost my confidence permanently. It sucks when people are really in desperate need of help and the only companies out there willing to help make it difficulty and/or extraordinarily expensive… of course you can’t let real customer service get in the way of profits, now can you?

    • michele says:

      I had the same problem. Had the account since 9/12 and went to use it a couple of weeks ago, after a paid a bill early to float my phone bill and was denied. I also needed to update my log in for my bank. It kept rejected saying that I was putting the information in wrong and also that I just needed to keep trying because it was probably busy. How can the automated system be busy for days. I called again told me to close the account and reopen in 24 hours and that should fix it. Well it did not. So I then tried to do it unverified and was denied. Really?! The reason was that the bank was no longer supported. I explained that it showed up on the list and I didn’t make it up. If they are not supported, why was it an option on your website. Dead silence. Please run and save yourself the headaches!!!!!

  52. Yolanda says:

    Carolyn you hit it on the head! It’s really sad when you need the help you can’t get it. Sad….This is the first time I had this issue.

    • Hi Carolyn and Yolanda,
      We’re sorry you had an issue contacting us. We take our customer support role seriously and try to respond to all inquires within 1 business day and are successful 90% of the time. Our apologies if your inquiry was not dealt with in that time frame. Some inquiries require an extensive amount of research to resolve. Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific question you want followed up on. Thanks for posting!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  53. russell says:

    I had a really hard time with billfloat the last 5 to 6 months. After having great service back last year, they kept denying me approval. Well the other day, i tried again and got approved and had my cable bill paid within a day or so. So, i am glad to see things are looking better.


  54. shanta chavis says:

    I have had good experiences with billfloat so far. The have saved me many times, the only thing I wish they would change is if you needed an extra couple of days to stretch out your repayment, that would be nice. They could even charge an extra small fee. Sometimes my husbands check doesn’t go in when it’s due back & so I end up paying a week early because I know the money won’t be there, so insteadof having 30 to 33 days, I end up paying back 5 to 7 days sooner.

    • Hi Shanta,
      Thank you for posting about BillFloat and for your great feedback. The value of paying back early is that you will end up paying less interest due to you only paying interest on the actual days outstanding of the loan, so it is costing you less for the float. I hope that helps! Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any additional questions or suggestions by sending a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa.” Thanks again for your comment.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

    • I was having some issues getting approved for about 8 months, then finally last month i got approved again to use billfloat. Its worked great as before. I can now float multiple bills and its alot cheaper than payday loans.

      I used it for 2 months last year and had issues and was very upset, but now i have no issues and it really helps me out.


  55. I am trying to sign up to use this service but it keeps saying i must be 18… uhm really im almost 27 and they are saying im not 18 ?????

  56. tiffanie s. says:

    Hi my name is Tiffanie S. Bill Foat lets stop with the rhetoric,you do check our credit score because I as well checked my 3 reports last night and you were on 2 of them. Also you should know without our consent you should not be checking our credit score in any conventional or un-conventional methods.The source you state you use is a place that checks to see if you ever bounced a check kind lik; tele check of sorts so maybe you should question them on why they are running credit checks when they shouldn’t. I am just offering a easy way to pass the buck on something that is illegal you are doing.I will be contacting BBB,consumer reporting and anyone who will listen about this matter and I suggest that the rest of you do the same.I also noticed that you have been removing money from my account when you did not render me services as well as you keeping my personal information which includes my SS# and bank Info on file with no option to remove or delete online or customer service methods.I dont make threats I move with a purpose and until you correct your actions I will dedicate my time to taking you down for the sole purpose of helping others to not be duked and frauded by your company even if that means using news sources ….And Oh yeah thanks for your time.

  57. So i’m not sure if they got me or not. I started to enter my information but never finished. I only entered my card # and social. What should I do I can’t close the account but I never finished opening it.?!?!

    • Hi Tina,
      Thanks for posting. We will be happy to help. Please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” and I will be happy to help you directly. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

      • halen sergey says:

        Good day every one.

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        halen sergey

    • Hi Tina,
      Thanks for the update. Feel free to send an e-mail to me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”. I can close your account for you or you are welcome to follow these instructions: Login to your BillFloat profile at > Click the ‘Settings Link’ in the top-right corner > Edit Account Status > Close Account > Provide a close reason and click Close Account. Please let me know if you would like any further assistance.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  58. ROBERT GLASS says:

    ebay uses them for all paypal sellers and buyers we get 2 weeks b4 we have to pay for any purchases

  59. invalid card number, invalid card number….I get to the very end and all I see is invalid card number. They ask that I pay a small portion of the bill upfront…no problem, but they obviously do not care for my card number, it’s a Visa….it’s as valid as they get. Oh well, see you billfloat, everything happens for a reason and I guess this means that I am not meant to use this service. Good luck to the rest of you!

    • K Bennett says:

      Same problem here. Continual “invalid card number” errors. It is a very valid Visa debit card that I have had for several years, linked to my bank account which I have also had for several years. For some reason BillFLoat seems to think I bank in Arizona, interesting since I am about 1500 miles from there. After several phone calls which customer service just kept forwarding to their support department I gave up since their so-called support department NEVER responded. I closed the account and consider myself lucky that no money seems to have disappeared from my account.

    • Hi Shannon,
      Thank you for your question. In order for me to take a closer look at your account and provide additional help – can you please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa”? I will be happy to help. Thanks again for posting!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  60. Update. Using billfloat for last month or so after 6 months not being able to. Its working great, i can float multiple bills now and it really helps. No issues at all.

    I was a very hard critic of this service, but not now.

  61. So I attempted to use billfloat after checking out some reviews online, (unfortunately I did not see this webpage or I would not have used the service) but anyway I signed up for the account, they immediately withdrew 40.00!! from my account. My account was placed on “hold” because the account number could not be verified. After several tries with the same account number it eventually went through(guess I ignored the signs). After that everything semed to be smooth sailing my bill was to be paid 8/27/2012. I received an email confirming that my bill had been paid…When I contact by biller, no records of payment. I attempted to contact bill float immediately, I was on hold for what seemed like forever and was forced to leave a voicemail. I called back an hour later because it was still during business hours, same thing. I left a voicemal, I’ve sent an email and have been calling every hour since yesterday at 8am. I am really disappointed because I was going through a rough poatch and this seem to come right on time, but the stress and anxiety it causes is not worth it!! Lisa Renfrow I have emailed you and heard nothing back!!??

    • Hi Nia,
      Thank you for posting! Please send a quick e-mail to me at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” referring to this article and username so I can take a closer look at your account and be of additional help. Thank you for posting and we hope to solve your inquiry soon!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  62. If everyone posting here with problems would lodge a formal complaint, this company might be stopped in its tracks. Call the Attorney General in your state and report them. I intend to.

    • These people are scam artists. Lisa, is the head scam artist. Do not let them fool you. STAY AWAY FROM BILLFLOAT.COM

      Hopefully people will find these comments in google search results and let this company end up where it belongs, in the toilet.

      Lisa’s canned responses are nothing more than laughable. I did some research on her and it’s actually a guy that runs a bot in a call center. Fuck them, fuck Lisa, fuck billfloat.


      • Hi Mike,
        I can assure you BillFloat is a safe and secure website with PayPal as an investor, and I am a real woman, not a guy or a bot. I’m sorry to hear about any negative experience you have had with us. I will be happy to work with you directly to solve any inquires you may have. Please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” or call 1-800-745-9361. Our support hours as listed on our website are Monday thru Friday 8 am to 7 pm central time. I will be looking out for your e-mail. Thank you for your feedback.
        Lisa R.
        BillFloat Customer Support

        • No ma’am, I think we are all tired of the generic messages from you. I have had Esther send me three worthless emails that showed she never looked at my information and just gave me excuses that made zero sense. Her latest email says my card is invalid because it must be prepaid….um NO, it is not. Face up, your site has some serious issues that have not been resolved, I can understand that prior to someone making up things to try and set me straight. It’s very sad. You guys have had 25 BBB complaints within the last year, that is a horrible reputation. I am sorry that I saw the whole billfloat idea pass my computer, I’m sorry that I allowed myself to be duped into wasting my time, all though I am very thankful that I have not lost any money. I am also thankful that I only wanted to use this as a cushion and not because it was a necessity at the time. Everyone who the program is working for, I’m happy you all didn’t have problems, for the rest of us….I suggest we all just give up. 🙂


          • I have been contemplating using this service and I have read no less than 100 complaints on three different sites. All of them pertaining to poor customer service, premature or multiple withdraws, or taking the fees but not paying the bills. On all three of these sites, the best response BillFloat seems to be able to offer is: “Hi! I’m Lisa. Thanks for posting. Get in touch with me and have a nice day.”

            If you were a genuinely concerned advocate of your service, you may be educated enough to at least explain how these problems can arise. Perhaps you may be able to offer guidance, such as something like, “It looks like this problem can be attributed to a technical error” or “There may have been a misunderstanding as to the payback terms.”

            Lisa, you don’t sound like a bot or a guy. You sound like a useless bimbo. And if “send an email to me” is the absolute best that you and the company can offer these VERY serious allegations, I have no use for either of you.

            Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I will find another way to resolve my issues. Lisa, whoever you are…you’re in my prayers.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thank you for posting your feedback. We’re sorry to hear you have not had a positive experience with BillFloat. I will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you personally. Feel free to e-mail me directly at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” or call us at 1-800-745-9361 during the hours of Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm Central Time. Thank you again for posting and we hope to hear from you soon.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  63. I tried bill float yesterday for the first time ! Never again I couldnt get it to work so I had to pay part of my bill anyway and they put my account on hold and with drew 70 dollars anyway! I call and call and only got through once when I neeed help and they didnt know jack! I called again never got through what a joke it said to leave a message! I want my money now they didnt have to wait for theres how can they take it before it goes through my account was on hold?

  64. S Conner and others: CALL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE IN YOUR STATE. This is a fraudulent process I am sure. There is NO EXCUSE for immediately withdrawing any fees and then not delivering the service!!! If you really want your problems addressed, call the attorney general’s office and report them. If its not the right place in your state for reporting, they can direct you.

  65. Yes this company I thought was at first was great. My husband job cut his hours so I had a real issue paying a cell phone bill. First time was great. They approved me and all was fine. Needed to do one more time. Well nothing changed same acct same bank acct all the same yet now declined. Nothing changed. Slight amount of about $25.00 thats all and they just got paid! No issues on getting paid yet now sorry no can help!!!!!!!!!!!/ And yes Esther was worthless she gave no info why. So a worthless email from her. Will never use this service again. No customer loyalty at all. Sent one to “Lisa” yet to hear back but I’m sure its going to be just same old sorry story.

  66. RUN AWAY!!!! First of all…this site is an affiliate site to sign people up. Second…my best advice is to stay …no, run away from these people as fast as you can. I was dumb enough to sign up…when they were new. I just “floated” a transaction with Billfloat in Oct. 2012 and was denied after having an great record with them. Then….after not receiving any notification what so ever that the application was denied…my service was disconnected. I learned the hard way. The utility company advised me to stay away from this company, and, if I needed help in paying a bill just call them and they would do everything they could to help…AND THEY DID! Unreliable, dangerous, stay away from billfloat. My account is now CLOSED!

    • Michael – we are not an affiliate for Billfloat and have no relationship with them. We provide an honest review and that’s it. We let the comments speak for themselves.

      • michael P says:

        Except that billfloat actively monitors and responds to posts on this site…which is a red flag….If your going to have a true review site…Billfloat should not be allowed to have any input at all.

        • I disagree. It’s not a red flag, it a sign they are trying to address any grievances their customers have. This is an open forum, and that means everyone is allowed a voice, you know, kinda like what the First Amendment to the US Constitution says.
          Of course if someone is constantly being a jerk, I’ll dump them.

  67. I didn’t have good luck with bill float cause my bank wasn’t on they’re list. Made no sense to me. Its an actual bank and I have direct deposit.

  68. I am glad I found out all the negative issues prior to using this service. I am not in the position to be throwing money away on a scam. Billfloat, you may say you are legit, but the consumer reports against you say otherwise. There is little to nothing positive about your company.
    People, do your homework before you become victim to such circumstances. They have your info….keep informed of your credit and monitor your accounts. I have read all of “Lisa’s” comments and they are obviously repeated over and over. Sounds scripted to me.

    • Hi Surfrat,
      Thanks for posting. Just so you know, our comments are not canned. We read every single post and respond to as many of them as possible. BillFloat is a company backed by PayPal that has been helping people make ends meet since 2010. If you’d like to read comments from some of those satisfied people who we’ve helped, feel free to check out our testimonials page on Facebook:

      Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

      • Paypal is hell on earth itself, holding your money and doing whatever they wish with your account. Reading a comment on facebook doesnt make your company look good, you can forge anything you want it’s the internet.

    • The emails you send to the company are scripted to, what a sham!

  69. Michael Ryan says:

    I paid a bill early using the PAY button and my card was charged but the debt still shows due on your site. Dozens of calls to customer service, and emails to Shelley M., always I get the promise it will be fixed and I’ll recieve a call within 24 hours. I have never received a single call back. In three days BillFloat is going to attempt to collect this already paid debt again. I will be filing complaints with my state atty general and the FTC! I understand glitches, what I don’t understand is the constant broken promise that “we will call you within 24 hours”. I have found Ryan Gilbert and Sean O’Malley via their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and I am letting them know how their company is being run.

    • Michael Ryan says:

      Three weeks and plenty of hair-pulling into this and finally it has been corrected.

      • Hi Michael,
        Thank you for posting. We apologize for the issues you experienced with BillFloat. We are thrilled to hear your issue was resolved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. Happy Holidays!
        Lisa R.
        BillFloat Customer Support

  70. Hello,I had considered using this service to pay my cell phone bill a few months ago and found only three bad reviews. So I decided to do research and found more negative reviews about this company. I am very skeptical and esp.; when I went to the site and could never get past the first set of questions needed to enter information (red flag!) ,when money is involved I have feel that I have gotten an ear full. Thanks to all who have had experience with this company. These comments were very helpful. To save my self the heart ache I will not consider using this company. These people need to be reported!!!

    • Hi Jena,
      Thank you for posting. I am Lisa, a BillFloat Customer Support Representative and will be happy to help. Please contact me by sending an e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa.” I will be happy to get in touch with you and help with any outstanding questions or concerns. Thank you again for posting!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  71. I have been using billfloat for a few months now and I have had no problems. I am having an issue with metro pcs website tring to purchase a cellphone with billfloats smartpay and every time i try to process i get billfloat is not available please try later which i have done with no success. I believe this is metro pcs but they tell me to contact billfloat. Thanks billfloat for a good expierence so far on your website.

  72. I signed up for them and was denied. However, I can’t delete my account and they have my bank information. Seems a bit more than sketchy to me.

  73. I love billfloat up front they needed me to make a payment , which went to my bill. I have been using them and all I gave been paying is a little intrest. They are not a scam

  74. Jaquana T. says:

    hello! I would like to say that i use this site often to pay my phone bill. It was proposed to me through metro pcs and now that i am with t-mobile, I still use the site whenever i am low on cash. I have NEVER had an issue with access to their services, no card number invalid, no access denied, nor any customer service issues. I can say that once I tried to use my smart phone to float a bill and it never was paid, I called customer service. RIGHT AWAY I was given an answer to my issue. YOU CAN NOT USE YOUR SMART PHONE TO FLOAT A BILL!!!!! You have to be on a landline connection in order to receive true confirmation. Im just glad that I have not had any of the issues these people have had. I really needed the help!!!!

  75. I am
    more than disappointed with BillFloat. I have no intentions of dealing with
    this company again. This company does not take customer service as seriously as
    they claim. No more than I have used BillFloat, I shouldn’t have spent damn
    near my entire Friday attempting to float my phone bill. Like many others, I
    believe BillFloat looks down on those who request their assistance. It has
    become evident because they do not actually attempt to resolve your issue. A
    part of customer service involves providing customer service! Just because
    someone attempts to use BillFloat… doesn’t mean it is because their priorities
    are not straight or they cannot manage their money.

    Upon calling; I was hung up on, directed to voice-mail (too damn bad I didn’t ask to be sent to voice mail). As a result, I had to begin the process all over again. From there I received a dumb explanation as to why my account number wasn’t accepted. Rewind for a moment…………….. It began with BillFloat’s inaccurate information concerning a re-float. Normally I wouldn’t have to re-float a bill after repayment. In this instance, my health came into play. I could not work, so I looked towards BillFloat. Unbeknownst
    to me—once you repay your balance… You cannot re-float with the same company.
    However that was not stated until after I complained about their system. IF you
    would like your payment rushed; you will be asked to provide your phone number.
    Afterwards, you will be told your account is on file but you must login to
    complete your request. Notice how I have not made reference to logging out of
    my account… BillFloat logged me off repeatedly! So, I switched to the guarantee
    payment option. That time I was told my account number was incorrect. I
    contacted my phone company and looked over my billing statement. Nothing was
    wrong or incorrect about my account number. Bull*hit lie number one: there is no
    record of the request. Duh, dummy. That is because I never made it to the
    confirmation stage (hence) my account number is “inaccurate”. Stupid excuse
    number two: I was told to contact my phone company. There is a chance that my
    phone company changed my account number or phone number. What?

    Finally, the representative has an epiphany. “The reason you cannot float your bill is because you knocked off the system. What our site does not state is the probability of the system becoming confused.That happens when you float a bill, then attempt to re-float the bill.”

    What would customers do IF BillFloat wasn’t an option? Of course, we’d look for an
    alternative! No one is responsible for our inability to pay a bill (for
    whatever reason). The problem stems from lack of Tact! We cannot fault
    companies who wish not to assist us. However, we can fault them for; lying,
    dancing around customers questions/complaints and taking people’s money.

    This information should have been listed. I would have assumed a phone number meant you can apply over the phone… Why the hell else would a company supply phone number. I would hope it isn’t so the customer can listen to the represented breath through the phone, while attempting to formulate another lie. You’re just SOL… After repayment BillFloat and I are officially breaking up.

    This company is unprofessional and plays on people’s intelligence. Google a
    BillFloat review and guess what you will notice? Lisa the automated response system
    (oh, I meant representative). How the hell can One company employ One person
    and One person Only to address customer complaints? So, no one cares about Lisa’s
    automated response because I sent Lisa an e-mail. Let us see how long it takes
    Lisa to “correct this issue”. Do not BS me with the “there is no record of”
    automated response. I have the “Attention Lisa” e-mail. I print-screen and keep
    records of anything pertaining to my finances so I wish someone would claim “to
    have no knowledge”. I have heard there are alternatives to BillFloat. The moment
    I find one…. Trust me… It will be noted to others! I am not doing it because my
    bill wasn’t floated. I wasn’t denied service. I am doing based on customer
    service negligence. IF someone had attempted to rectify the situation, I would
    not post my complaint In a Number of Places! IF they attempted to do the same
    for others… No one would complain about this company.!

    • HI NJamison,
      Thank you for posting your feedback. We are unable to take a look at your account via the information provided but would like to help. Please reach out to us at with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa.” We will be happy to get back with you soon to make sure any outstanding questions are resolved.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful week!
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

  76. DO NOT MESS WITH BILLFLOAT OR BILL FLOAT SMARTPAY!!!!! they are a RIP OFF. i financed a phone with metro pcs smartpay thru billfloat on january 3, 2013. i did it in the store. the cashier took my intial payment of 155 dollars for the first of 6 payments. the other 5 payments are due the first of the month after that. today, january 5, 2013, i discovered billfloat debited my card for TWO more payments of 155 dollars………………you cant get ahold of them thru phone and emails, i havent heard nothing since i first emailed them last week. they know what they doing, and im gonna sue the hell out of them!!!!!!!!1

  77. I have been a member since Dec.2011. At first they would let me float up to 4 payments, then 2, and now only one. I always repay prior to the due date. I tried to float a payment a few days ago after repaying early and get an error message unable to connect to your bank. I continued to try, I made sure that my user ID and password for my bank was correct, and still unable to process. Sent an email and received a nonsense reply not addressing the problem. Called and spoke with someone and was told the problem was at their end and to continue trying, is now 3 days and still getting same error. I guess they lost another customer.

    • Hi Mari,
      I’m sorry to hear about the issue you have been experiencing. Please reach out to us at with the e-mail address you used for your BillFloat account and we will be happy to research. Thank you for posting.
      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

      • I have been trying to contact you thru e-mail and phone calls. Nbody has answered anything on my behalf. I want to set up so I make the payments myself and not that you withdraw from my checking accounts. It is impossible to do so as I am unable to click on the link that will take me to set up the account t. I honestly think this is a fraud service bent on stealing peoples money.

  78. Drew P. Weiner says:

    Avoid Billfloat at all costs. They’re an incompetent business that’s operated by nitwits. I repeatedly attempted to pay back my (rather small) Billfloat loan and each time they failed to process the payment, never explaining what the problem might have been despite numerous calls and emails to their (terrible) CS department. You read that right: they couldn’t or wouldn’t process MY payment TO THEM despite my constant efforts to resolve it. Then, after a solid month of endless calls and emails that went nowhere, they sent my bill to a shifty, nasty collection agency, without ever even trying to contact me regarding the problem I brought to their attention a dozen times. Don’t fall for their pitch, the odds are that they’ll butcher your transaction too and you’ll be stuck dealing with their disinterested and useless CS department for weeks on end like I was.

  79. I signed up today thinking it would be nice to get my cable bill paid on time.. I filled out the information as requested and setup my account. Then it prompted me to enter my online bank ID and password. I was like WHOA! It indicated that I would be approved faster if I did this. I was not comfortable with that at all. I’ve got payday loans before and they use my bank card number for payback. But never asking for my online ID and password. What’s up with that?! Makes me wonder what kind of power they have over my bank account with full access. I’m better off just paying the bill directly or late for that matter!

  80. manny ramirez says:

    I’m trying to close my
    account I paid everything back to you guys and its telling me I have a overdue
    amount which I do not I have been reading on whats going on with bill float
    taking money out of our bank account with out our knowledge I hope I’m not going
    to be a victum of this I’m just trying to close this account cause I don’t need
    it any more.

  81. THEY HACKED ME!!!!!!!!!! I have used this service a couple of times, this last time there was an issue on their part with regard to my debit info . I called them and was told to call back that they had a computer issue, but before I could do so I recieved an email saying thank you for the payment, and how I was going to be charged a $37.01 fee because they had a problem with my card. The problem however was on their end nothing was wrong with my card same card I had been using, worked great. The weird part is they had some how hacked my private checking, and debited their amounts. The account is new and was not active when I set up the billfloat, so there is no possibility that I gave them the info on this checking; which I am not only super angry about but I don’t understand how this is legal at all I had no problem paying them the issues they had were their own and had nothing to do with me. I will never recommend them or do business with them again and I am reporting them to the BBB.

    • Hi Marisa,
      Thank you for posting. I’m Lisa, a BillFloat Customer Support representative. In order for me to investigate your situation properly, please send a quick e-mail to with the subject line, “Attn: Lisa” from the e-mail you applied to BillFloat with. Please also include details of your transaction and we will be more than happy to help.
      Thank you again for commenting and we hope to hear from you soon.
      Lisa R.,
      BillFloat Customer Support

    • The second they declined my application (for some unknown reason, I have a good track record with my bank and I pay all of my bills/loans on time every time) I changed my bank’s password since Billfloat requested it before I was turned down. Based on your review and others that are similar, I plan to keep a sharp eye on my bank account just in case. Thanks for the heads up.

  82. michael P you are wrong,there is nothing with bill float. They have helped me a lot with my bills. If you are denied then you keep trying because bill float does not do any credit checks at all.


    I’ve had so many problems DO NOT USE BILLFLOAT. When I first used Billfloat they took out on the Visa on file and not the Checking which I checked as primary. Fine honest mistake right so the next time I used the service they took out from the Checking account I checked my statements so I thought all was well. I was never contacted by Billfloat about them not getting the money a few weeks later I’m getting calls from a collections agency that said I did not pay Billfloat . I contact Billfloat they ask for my checking account statement so I submitted it, things got cleared up. So, times got a little tougher and I had to use them for two of my bills I figured this time it will work I won’t have any issues and again same thing happens but this time I’m checking the website the money came out on May 07 from the checking account I contact Billfloat to let them know and the response I got said wait 5-7 business days for it to post. Now when I log on it says I’m overdue again I contact Billfloat again and the response from customer support I found rude he asked if I had sufficient funds in the account. Lets be real if i knew the money had not been taking out and if I was trying to be “crooked” why would I be contacting you to tell you the money was taken out? I then submitted a page from my checking account statement that shows that the money was taken out. I figured this would clear up the first bill so I added a different form of payment for the next bill. Well then I get an email saying thank you for adding your card we charged X amount of dollars and by the way you are over due for the first bill but we got that taken care of now thanks to the Visa you added on file. So not only did they take out money from the checking account on file and “claim” this never happened they now tried to take out from the other account. I even asked where did the money go that came out? Still have no response my question was never answered the attachment I submitted was never acknowledged.

  84. Looks like I dodged a bullet by being rejected by them (for no reason, I might add). It’s scary when they have our bank account login information, as well as our ssn, and bank routing/account numbers. Then they reject you and will not purge their system of your sensitive information. This should be an automatic system purge when someone gets rejected. It’s not only common sense but it’s good business sense.

    Based on all of these horrible reviews of current customers, I’m sort of glad I was rejected. I’ll just find another way to get my bill paid. At least crazy Uncle Bob won’t ask me for my ssn and bank information when he tells me he can’t help me pay my bill.

    • Lisa R. says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for posting. We are sorry to hear that this has been a frustrating experience for you.

      We ask for your SSN to help us evaluate whether you qualify for BillFloat. As BillFloat does not use traditional credit checks, we use your online banking information to confirm that your bank account is active, and to verify your ability to repay based on recent deposits.
      Keeping your personal and financial information private and secure is one of our top priorities. We use bank-level security when we analyze bank account information. If you would like to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please visit Thanks again, and have a great day.

      Lisa R.
      BillFloat Customer Support

      • My recent deposits have been pretty substantial so there is no way I was declined for that reason….


    I have been a member since January 2013. I floated two payments for two months, paying off the payments early, and then in May I got an error “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.” Sent numerous emails and received a nonsense reply not addressing the problem. Called and spoke with several customer service representatives, all of whom could not resolve the problem. Found this complaint site and sent an email “Attn Lisa” and no response. I thought it was odd that BillFloat sends this automated error message but has no clue how to resolve the problem. I asked wasn’t there an IT staff who resolved technical problems and I was told NO. I was told I’m sorry and I just don’t know what to tell you. Seriously, this error came from BillFloat, not from me, and you can’t resolve the problem. As others have said, another customer lost.

    Also, curiously I was told that NO-ONE else has ever gotten this error message but I see from this site that was lie.

  86. Cynthia says:

    I have not had a problem with BillFloat until today. I had my payment due yesterday and I just looked into my bank account and I saw that they have deducted triple the amount that is due. That is a big mistake our there part and they will e hearing from me in the morning. LISA I do not want a cheap generic response from you. What I want is a number and a name of who I need to speak with so that this issue can be resolved. I will not be using this service again.

  87. I read all these comments claiming BillFloat is a scam, and I don’t understand them at all. The first time I tried it in April 2013 was for my cell phone bill. I had to pay $15 up front and my bill never got paid. I finally found out BillFloat is no longer partnered with Alltel, and they refunded my money. I used it again in June for my cable bill, no upfront payment. They paid my bill and withdrew their money on the scheduled repayment date. Today, I used them again for my cable bill, and I didn’t have a problem. They even approved me for a $350 SmartLine of credit without accessing my bank account. BillFloat is definitely NOT a scam.

  88. Maria Maston says:

    This company has the worst customer service ever. They never answer phones or e-mails. You cannot get hold of anybody. Im sorry I was talked in signing up with this people

  89. Do not think this Lisa is even a real person created to answer peoples questions in this website but does not exist

  90. i dont understand how bill float works. I have been using bill float for the last couple of months and always get approved now that i need to use it again it keeps denying me. like how does that happen i dont understand y im getting denied its fustrating and it looks like i will be deleting my account and not use there services anymore.

  91. Totally stressed I have been depending on Billfloat since 2011 now its a total mess I have sent several emails with no help with my problem yet now I have a bill that will be disconnected because I couldnt get the help I needed but they sure didnt have any trouble taking money from my bank

  92. Rebecca Arnold Seckinger says:

    i used billfoat around this time last year and did not have a problem. I tried to use today a year later and it cant connect to my bank and i do not have an option for non bank verification. I don’t understand what is going on. I need to pay a bill today and cant even do it cause billfloat is being retarded…..i just need to get it to connect to my bank and get it approved….thats all

  93. This company is nothing more than a glorified internet payday loan service (if you can call it that). They will loan you small amounts at a time so they can rack up the fees which are about 10 times the interest rate. Stay away from them. If you can’t pay the bill, they will only bleed you and make your problem bigger.

  94. omg, somebody help me. i purchased 2 phones through metropcs and thought i was signing up to pay for the phones with monthly payments. the phones came to $960. come to find out i am merely leasing the phones and by the time im done making payments will be paying just over $2000!! someone help me please. how could i have been so stupid?

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