PowerPay 5.0 Review

Taking control of your finances and digging your way out of debt isn’t easy – particularly if you’ve dug yourself a decent-sized hole! Many people turn to debt management companies that help you negotiate with creditors and create a debt repayment schedule, but charge you a fee for the service. Before you pay someone else […]

BillFloat Review

When the economy struggles, so do consumers trying to make ends meet. Sadly, this is a common occurrence these days, as many consumers continue the battle against ever increasing living expenses coupled with dwindling financial resources. This often results in the birth of new business models that may or may not help consumers in a […]

Best Free And Paid Online Budgeting Tools

It seems like everyone is trying to get a handle on their budget and figure out a way to really maximize every dollar they earn.  The money we earn has a permanent front seat in our thoughts, and rightly so!  When I was researching the best online budgeting tools, it seemed a bit counter-intuitive to […]

Get Help Negotiating a Lower Interest Rate – Review of Negotiatemyrate.com

NegotiateMyRate.com is an excellent tool from the DIY debt reduction site Debtgoal.com that helps you negotiate for a lower interest rate on your credit card.  It’s an interactive tool consisting of the largest credit card companies and and average reduction percentage that actual customers have negotiated with their respective card companies. First of all, the […]

Review of DebtGoal.com – A Do It Yourself Debt Reduction Tool

Reaching Financial Freedom with DebtGoal.com Trying to prevent foreclosure, a high debt ratio or even a deteriorating credit score can become difficult without the proper tools to fix financial confusion. Controlling spending, monitoring progress and setting a timeline that counts down to a debt free life are some of the great features offered on debtgoal.com. […]

Use Budgeting Tools To Keep Your Finances On The Right Track

Consumers have learned a hard lesson in recent years and more people today are paying close attention to their personal finances. When faced with unemployment, a medical emergency or some other financial crisis, many people are not prepared due to poor money management skills. In fact, in this economy even those who do not face […]

Mint.com vs Quicken Online

*UPDATE2* I declared Quicken Online the winner in this article, but it doesn’t exist anymore as it’s merged with Mint, so check out our review of Mint here.  Then go check out Mint.com *UPDATE* Mint has been acquired by Intuit, the makers of Quicken Online.  Read the full story: Mint acquired by Intuit It’s been […]

You Need A Budget (YNAB) Review

Here at Leave Debt Behind we want you to have the tools necessary to do just that, leave your debt behind and move on to a life of financial security. In order to do that you must not only learn the steps necessary to pay off and eliminate debt, but also how you will manage […]

Mvelopes Review

We all know the importance of getting out of debt. In fact people who are struggling with high interest debt must make eliminating that debt their top priority. The road to financial stability however does not end there. Managing your money responsibly is the only way to avoid future debt issues and increase your financial […]