Top 10 Best Free Android Money Apps

With the popularity of the Google Android mobile platform growing, the number of personal finance applications is exploding.  There’s everything from mobile banking apps, budgeting apps, cashflow management, investing, loan calculators, all the way down to simple grocery list applications.  All aimed at helping you manage your money better while you’re on the go.

So here’s a list of the current best (in our opinion!) FREE apps that are available for your Android mobile device.  Let us know in the comments if you know of a good one, we’ll include it on a future list.

1. for Android

This app gives you access to your account, which allows you to keep track of your budget and enter transactions while you’re not at home.  Another cool feature is the widget that gives you a quick snapshot of your finances without having to open the app. It’s got a clean interface and it’s password protected.

2. Checkbook

Forget the paper checkbook, this app helps you keep track of your checking account balance so you don’t spend more than you have.  It’s a must-have to prevent overdraft charges.

3. Groupon

Gives you access to Daily Deals and with your Groupon account.  Browse local deals, search nearby groupons with GPS, and use the paperless redemption option.  Get a Groupon account here.

4. Bank and ATM Finder

Get turn-by-turn directions to the nearest bank or ATM.  Handy for those times when there’s no substitute for cash!

5. Tip Calculator

Fast and easy way to calculate the right tip amount for your server.  Never be cheap again!

6. ShopSavvy

Allows you to scan any item with the built-in bar-code scanner and compare the best prices for the item at local stores as well as online retailers.  Perfect for then you’re not sure if you’re paying too much for something.

7. Daily Expense Manager

Simple app the helps you keep track of your expenses.

8. Financisto

Pretty much an all encompassing personal finance manager application. Allows you to enter multiple accounts, recurring transactions, set up budgets and see reports.

9.  MooLa!

A clean, easy to use checkbook application that features bill reminders, recurring transactions, and multiple accounts.

10. Easy Envelope Budget Aid

If you’re using the envelope method of budgeting also known as zero-based budgeting or the cash method, this Android app will help you keep track of the money in those envelopes. An online envelope budgeting system for Android, it syncs with your web account so you’re always up to date.

If you have any Android personal finance apps that you love, let us know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for including EEBA in your list! We’re glad you like it. We’re adding functionality all the time as users tell us what they need. One stand out benefit of EEBA is that the app syncs between phones, so it’s great tool for couples/households that are trying to keep within a budget.


    • No problem Tricia – looks like a great app. As soon as I ditch my iPhone 3G and upgrade to an Android, I will definitely take it for a spin.

  2. Agreed on EEBA. Excellent app, very easy to use. One that I didn’t see on this list is Pocket Money. EEBA for quick budgeting, Mint for desktop planning with mobile access, and Pocket Money for keeping a running balance in real time that lets you see both cleared and future balances. Stick that with a bill widget, and never be nervous about what money is where again.

  3. Groupon is a must-have! Another app that is my must-have is EasyMoney. It acts as my expense tracker, my reminders for bill payment, my checkbook register and my budget planner. The colorful charts in the monthly reports is a plus too. The company (Handy Apps) has great customer support and give pretty frequent updates. 😉

  4. I like this one…  It’s a simple envelope style budgeting app for tracking expenses.  Free and no registration.

  5. AndroidDeals says:

    Check out the deals app allDeals on Android store. It is available at this link

  6. noureddine amri says:

    Check out “My Money”. This application allows you to manage your money and keep track of it.

    Very simple and intuitive.
    Can use voice recognition to add an expense automatically.

    Supported languages:
    – English
    – French
    – Arabic

    For other languages, feel free to contact me. (contact info in “about” menu)


  7. Wait…what? What kind of bogus is this. You say: “So here’s a list of the current best (in our opinion!) FREE apps that are available for your Android mobile device”.

    So i recon you guys (Brad?) actually tried these apps…but: “No problem Tricia – looks like a great app. As soon as I ditch my iPhone 3G and upgrade to an Android, I will definitely take it for a spin.” – and this is from the guy who just recommended the app. … I just stop using the site – this is ridicules.

    Greetings from Denmark.

    • Hi Jonas – Greetings from the US. Yes I tried them all on my wife’s Android. And yes, I’ve dumped my 3G in favor of a Samsung Infuse. These are all great apps.

  8. There is another free Android app that allows you to monitor specific applications on the Android market for price reductions. Its called PriceDrop! Its pretty easy to use, you just enter the price you are willing to pay for an app and it will notify you if/when the applications price drops below that amount.
    (Price reductions happen relatively frequently because app developers try to generate more interest in their application with limited time special offers etc.)

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  12. There’s some great budgeting application for Android, and most of them you have covered off here 🙂

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