5 Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world today. Because of this, there have been an unbelievable number of applications that have been created for it.

Many of these applications are financial in nature. These finance apps are designed to do practically everything that you can imagine when it comes to helping you with your money. Here are five of the best personal finance apps that I have found for the iPhone.


Mint is pretty much the undisputed leader in personal finance apps today. The best part about it is that it is free. With Mint, you are going to be able to set it up on your personal computer at home and access all of the information in real-time from your iPhone. With this software, you can easily link into all of your personal financial accounts.

Your bank account, your retirement account, your investment account, savings account, and any other accounts that you might have can easily be accessed on one screen. It will even allow you to put all of your expenses into different categories and see where your money is going. If you want to take control of your budget, this is a vital tool to use.


If you do business with USAA, you are definitely going to want to get ahold of their app. With this application, you can actually take a picture of a check and send it to them in order to deposit it to your account.

Imagine never having to go to the bank to deposit a paycheck. In addition to that, you can easily pull up information about your accounts, transfer money, and find out important information about your insurance.


Another one of the essential finance apps to get is PayPal. PayPal has quickly become one of the most popular financial companies in the world today.

They were made popular thanks to eBay’s success over the years. With the PayPal app, you can easily send money to anyone that you want within a few seconds. For example, let’s say that you didn’t bring any cash but you need to split up a bill at a restaurant.

With this app, you can likely send a few dollars to your friend’s PayPal account and let them pay for the bill.

Yahoo Finance

If you are into investments, you are going to want to get the Yahoo Finance app. With this application, you can easily track your stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more.

If you want to weekly find out something about a particular investment, you can look it up with this app and you should get some detailed information.


Cashbook is another solid financial application that you might want to consider downloading. With this application, you will easily be able to keep track of your expenses and your income without any problems.

If you are one of those people that has trouble keeping track of where your money goes, this is definitely a good and simple app for you to get your hands on.


  1. I’ve also tried CashControl, it did miracles for my personal finances.

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