Homeland Credit Solutions


Homeland Credit Solutions is a debt settlement company based in Bronyx, New York and has been incorporated for less than one year. HCS is attempting to set themselves apart from the many other debt settlement companies flooding the industry with one intention in mind: to be the true American choice for debt settlement services.

Here are some quick facts about Homeland Credit Solutions (HSC):

Company Founded:- January 1, 2009

Years In Business:- less than one year

Number of Employees:- unknown

BBB Rating:- F

BBB Complaints:- 0 complaints in last 36 month reporting period

Fee Information:- unknown

Escrow Available?:- yes

Source of Funds:- client payments

Fee Structure:- unknown

Avg. % Settled:- 40%-60% of total debt

Refund Policy:- N/A

Minimum Debt Required:- $7,000 and up of unsecured debt

About the Company:

Incorporated in the state of New York in 2009, HCS is new company on the debt settlement scene. They do have a file on the Better Business Bureau, however information is limited due to their young age. The company has a current rating of F on the BBB due to the very industry in which they work and the lack of history or the length of time they have been operating. With only 8 months of operation under their belt, the BBB has not processed any customer complaints at the time of this review. They are not yet affiliated with The Association of Settlement Companies and list no other affiliations on their company website.

The Program:

The program appears to be the standard debt settlement program. The company will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf once you have accumulated enough savings to reach a settlement.

Website Experience:

This company website jumps all over the place in terms of information and answering questions. To be quite honest at some points I feel the information is actually copied from other debt settlement company websites. In the FAQ section there is an answer which uses the acronym FDR (possibly another debt settlement company such as Franklin Debt Relief?) instead of Homeland Credit Solutions (HCS). Of course I have no way of knowing where they came up with their content or the truth behind it, but it comes across a bit shady to me.

The actual design of the website like many others in the industry requires a “hunt and peck” type search where information is layered in links and various different pages. If you are not thorough in your review of the site and the information provided, there is a very good chance you will miss important information buried on the site.

With just under one year of experience it is hard to say if this company is still struggling to find its niche in the industry or if they are a fly-by-night operation that has not real foundation to become a leader in debt settlement. Only time will tell, however if I were considering a company I would hope for some more upfront easy to find information on the company website. Another indication this company has seen changes already is the website listed on the BBB is not longer being used (the phone numbers match the company website that I used for this review, therefore they should be one and the same).

With little experience, history or the ability to review previous (or current client) experiences, it is definitely hard to put a good spin on this company. I think they could streamline their website and only include information that is relevant to debt settlement and any other services they may provide. In the end, I was left feeling like I had too much information, none of which was truly relevant to the company or the process they offer to eliminate your debt.


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