4 Great Android Apps for Budgeting

Technology advancements have turned our cellphones into mini-computers and data organizers. If you have an Android-based smartphone, you have a large variety of personal finance and budgeting apps to choose from. Here are 4 great Android apps for budgeting: 1) Droid Wallet A very basic money management app, Droid Wallet will help you keep track […]

TracFone Prepaid No Contract Wireless Review

If you are looking for a budget friendly cell phone, TracFone may be a perfect option. Tracfone Wireless is the largest pre paid provider in America with over eighteen million customers. When you choose TracFone for your cell phone service you will enjoy low costs, no contracts to sign or bills to pay and more. […]

Rush Card Review

Rush Card is a prepaid Visa card for people who have difficulty getting a traditional bank account – or who have trouble maintaining a budget. Many people with free checking accounts find themselves paying excessive fees when they accidentally overdraw their accounts – with overdrafts averaging $30 per incident – and have turned to prepaid […]

American Association of Credit Counselors AACC Review

The American Association of Credit Counselors was founded in 1955, disbanded during the 1980’s but was re-established in 2010. They’ve kept the same core principals of putting consumers first and offering fair and transparent debt solutions for over 55 years. The new American Association of Credit Counselors (AACC) was formed during a meeting held on […]

Prosper.com Review

Prosper.com is the largest peer to peer lending business, with over 1 billion members and $226 billion in loans since the site launched in 2006. The site was co-founded by Chris Larsen and is backed by the co-founder of Capital One, CompuCredit, Accel Partners, TomorrowVentures, Omidyar Network and Volition Capital. Peer to peer lending allows […]

Credit Sesame Review – More than Credit Monitoring

People with severe debt problems have many online services to choose from. Run a quick search for “online credit monitoring,” and you’ll receive page after page of links to companies that will work with your creditors and lower your monthly payments. Not everyone needs this severe sort of help, however. Many people have debt from […]

Book Review: The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper

Best-selling author and CSI: NY actor Hill Harper has it all.  Yet through an unexpected illness and his journey to recovery, he gains valuable insight into what true wealth means.  The bottom line message in Hill Harper’s new book, The Wealth Cure is that true wealth isn’t just having money, it’s as he puts it, “Wealth = […]

BudgetTracker.com Review

For consumers who have had difficulties creating and sticking to a budget, there is an online solution that may be an appropriate option for those looking to get their finances on track. BudgetTracker was started in 2003 as a method for providing Internet-based budget tracking. The site offers the convenience of entering data online through […]

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Review

Consumers searching for options to eliminate debt and improve personal finances have many options from which to choose. Thousands of articles are available online, offering tips and advice on how to better manage your money. Turn on the television, radio or pick up any publication and you will likely find more information regarding money matters. […]

BillMyParents Spend Smart Card Review

One of the best ways to help teens learn how to manage money responsibly is by giving them the opportunity to do so. In light of the recent credit crisis and what many consider a lack of financial literacy among young people, finding a way to help our youth develop smart money management skills is […]