Should Possible Tax Ramifications Determine if Debt Settlement is Right For You?

Are you considering debt settlement as an option to tackle an ever increasing amount of debt? If your best attempts to maintain minimum payments and keep your credit score out of the dump are failing and you feel you are running out of options, debt settlement can provide a road to real debt relief. There […]

Why Getting An Income Tax Refund May Not Be The Best Use of Your Money

The holiday rush has come and gone and most of us are settling back into our normal routines as the new year moves forward. Tax season is upon us and for many individuals who look forward to a check from Uncle Sam it can be a much anticipated time of year. Are you one of […]

What You Wish You Knew About Tax Refund Anticipation Loans

For some people, tax time is a roller coaster ride of daily life, trying to find receipts and get all of the information you have from throughout the year compiled into one place. It can be trying for the most patient of people but alas, the job needs to get done. Once the paperwork has […]

4 Things You Need to Do Before Tax Time

As we all struggle to make it through the holiday season, the hectic schedules, and the overspending we may tend to do, there are some other things you need to be thinking about to keep your financial wits about you. After the New Year, everyone is gearing up for tax time but now is the […]

Tips on How to Reduce Tax Debt

Tax debt can be as disturbing as any other type of debt. Like any debt, reducing IRS debt can be done by following these simple methods. Just like credit card debt, a tax debt to the IRS can be a major stress and be a long-lasting problem if it’s not taken care of properly. The […]

IRS Tax Relief Options

Do you owe the IRS money? Are you concerned you might owe a hefty tax return this year that you won’t be able to pay? If you answered yes to either of these questions are you aware of the tax relief options available to you? Here is a look at some IRS tax relief programs […]

How to Know When to Hire a Tax Professional

There is a lot of stress surrounding the near tax deadline and for many people the idea of sitting down to face their personal income taxes is too overwhelming. For those who have complicated and unique financial situations it can be even more difficult to get motivated for fear you will ultimately make costly mistakes. […]

5 Questions To Ask Your Tax Preparer

Getting your taxes prepared is no easy feat and just because someone else is doing it for you doesn’t mean you don’t have some work to do. If you have been using the same service for the last few years and have not checked out the competition, this may be the year to do so […]

Where To File Taxes Online For Free

There are multiple resources you can utilize to file your federal income tax return for free. The IRS itself has estimated that nearly 70% of the 145 million income tax returns filed in 2012 were able to be filed at no cost to the tax payer. Where To File Taxes Online For Free Free Filing with […]

5 Best Tax Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

It’s that time of the year again – as the last days of 2011 dwindle down and new hopes are made for the new year, consumers are starting to prepare for the dreaded tax preparation time. If you have been keeping up with your financials tax time made not be much of a hassle for […]