What To Do When Your Kids Are Struggling With Debt

Parenting can be on of the most difficult yet rewarding task of you entire life. It is never easy to see your kids struggling with anything, least of all debt. But what happens when just that situation arises and you feel obligated to help your children deal with their financial mistakes. Here are some tips […]

5 Reasons You Should Never Borrow Money From Family Members

It’s no secret that banks are making it harder and harder to borrow money. In fact, it’s become almost impossible for people with less-than-perfect credit to take out loans for even small purchases, including home appliances. Larger loans, for necessities like cars and houses, are basically just out of reach for these people. If you’re […]

Tips for Buying a House in 2012

In the past few years we have all seen the housing bubble in the United States burst and home values drop. With several people trying to sell homes that they can no longer afford or bank possessing houses they do not want to be holding on to it has become a buyer’s market. Even though […]

Why Gift Cards are the Perfect Last Minute Gift

It never fails that just when you think you are done with your holiday gift shopping, you suddenly remember one more person you’d like to give a gift to during the holiday season. You are certainly not the only one who has experienced this last-minute gift crisis and retailers have long been providing an easy […]

Where to Find Grants for Going Back to School

Deciding to go back to school can be the easy part of the equation. Many people have the desire to improve their lives and careers with a degree but are ultimately stopped by the financial obligations of returning to school. The good news is there are multiple resources you can use to get the financial […]

5 Lessons About Money That You Will Never Learn In School

Back when I was in high school I remember thinking to myself “why do I need to learn this stuff, I’ll never use it in the real world”. And I’m sure students today say the very same thing! Well, now I know that some of those things I learned in school were worthwhile, even if […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel has certainly changed in the last decade. Increased security and overseas travel have become more complicated. Because of the new travel complications and the ordinary things that can go wrong before or during a vacation, many travelers may consider purchasing travel insurance. But with the cost of vacation as high as it is, is […]

MoneyTrail Review

MoneyTrail.net is a unique money management website that focuses on the family. Like the name implies, MoneyTrail allows users to track where their money is and how much is there when they need to know. Financial responsibility and early lessons in basic money management are skills kids of all ages need to learn. Most often […]

How Much Allowance Should I Give My Child? What the Experts Recommend

An allowance, by definition, is a sum of money given on a regular basis. Some people give their children a certain amount of money each week to teach them money management skills at an early age, and that amount is not tied to chores or responsibilities in any way. Other families give their children an […]

5 Ways To Help Your Teen Learn The Value Of Money

There has been a lot of conversation about the amount of financial education American children and teens receive before becoming adults. Many schools lack personal financial education even as far as the basics are concerned. As a result, many young adults going off to college or entering the workforce do not have a true concept […]