Tips for Successfully Selling Your Car

You’ve got a car you need to sell. Whether it is due to your current financial situation and need to bring in a little cash caror if you simply need to get rid of the car, there are some tips to keep in mind before you even place the ad in the newspaper.

If you are contemplating the sale of one of your vehicles, here are some tips to help make the sale successful:

Sell It ‘As Is’
Since you are selling on your own and not a professional dealer, you are not required to provide a warranty of any kind. You can prepare a sales statement that shows the car was sold ‘as is’ along with the agreed-upon amount. Keep a copy for your records and give the buyer a copy too.  Do be honest about the vehicle too. Don’t say things that aren’t true just to hype up the seller.

Prepare It for the Public
The first impression of a car for sale can go a long way. You’ll want to ensure the car is as spotless as can be both inside and out. A thorough vacuuming on all the interior parts as well as a good wash and wax on the outside is sufficient, depending on how well you kept the car. You might want to check out the services of a professional car detail who is experienced at cleaning the nooks and crannies of a vehicle, including the engine. Be sure to remove all personal information from the vehicle before ptting it up for sale. This will help sales if passersby stop to look at the vehicle at any time. A shiny car can help garner interest and assist you in selling faster.

Make Some Repairs
You’ll want to fix things that are obviously broken or worn out such as a headlight or mirror. If some damage has been done to the car that goes beyond small repairs, you may not want to dig too deep into your own pockets or you’ll be making less money on the sale in the end. In that case, you may want to visit a body shop and obtain a free estimate on the cost of the damage repair. You can use this dociment when you are negotiating price with the potential buyers. Windshields with major cracks should be replaced. Small dings and dents in the windows and on the vehicle’s body can be repaired with an appropriate kit from an auto parts store. Tires should have some tread left and be the right size for the vehicle.

Gather the History for the Buyer
If you kept records about the car such as service documents, you should mention it to prospective buyers. It helps build some trust that the car has been maintained properly while in your possession. Upon sale of the vehicle, you can present them in a folder for the new owner. If you have not kept good records on your own, make a trip to the service station or dealer to request a copy.


  1. These are some good tips for selling your car that hinge on leaving the car as it is or improving it, with its appearance or maintenance. What price should I set for the car if I do fix it up ?

  2. its a nice and informative article. it helps me a lot because I was looking for my car to sell. This article gives some important tips about selling cars. Thanks a lot for this wonderful article.

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