Save Money by Switching to VoIP

Although you may hear more and more about people cutting the cable or ditching cable TV, there is still a large trend of people disconnecting their home phone service from the phone company.  Most people have a cell phone, and it is by their side 24 hours a day.  In most cases each family member has their own cell phone.  Consumers started figuring out it was kind of redundant to pay the phone company for service when you always had a phone with you.

The Big Players

If you can not fathom the idea of giving up your home phone, you still have several options to save money.  If you have a decent home internet connection you can easily switch to VoIP service.  Instead of your phone calls being routed over the telephone wires, your calls will be routed over the internet with VoIP.  Most cable television companies are also offering you the chance to bundle your phone service with your cable television, usually at a substantial discount. When it comes to VoIP there are several big players then a handful of much smaller players.  If you want ease of setup and a lot of features either Vonage or Ooma will fit the bill.  Switching to either of these should drastically lower your monthly phone bill.  The pricing on these two providers are completely different.  Vonage prices like a more traditional phone service by charging a monthly fee for a set amount of minutes.  As a former Vonage customer I can speak to the great stability of their service and ease of setup.
Ooma is quite different than Vonage.  Their service is solid as well, but with Ooma you pay an upfront fee for their device and then pay nothing monthly (for US calls).  I’ve been personally using Ooma for about a year and have been very happy with the service and quality of calls.  The big advantage of using Ooma or Vonage is that after some time you really won’t even know you’re using VoIP.

Other Providers

There are also a handful of smaller players in the market such as MagicJack.  This service price wise is ultra cheap.  Unfortunately I do not have any personal experience with MagicJack.  I do have a few friends who use the service and they report that it works rather well.

Have you made the switch yet to VoIP at home?  If you have what have your experiences been?  We would love to hear from you.

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