Straight Talk Family Plan – Alternatives for Pricey Contract Wireless Plans?

No-contract carriers are becoming extremely popular as people are getting fed up with paying high wireless costs of the big contract carriers. MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators) like StraightTalk, and others no contract carriers like Tracfone, Net10, Boost Mobile, Cricket and MetroPCS, offer much of the same quality of service since they use the same networks. Straight Talk […]

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Looking at the way the world is changing, the more technologically savvy you are, the better. Many people tend to take advantage of the older citizen because of their supposed lack of technical knowledge and when it comes to cell phones, this thinking is very commonplace. Many companies disguise “senior mobile plans” as cheap alternatives, […]

Can Solar Panels Reduce My Home Energy Costs?

There is an increased interest in using green technologies in and around the home not only to give the environment a break but to also save money on a larger scale. A common choice in reducing the costs around the home is by installing solar panels.  A household can see drastic changes in their electricity […]

How to Save On Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

Technology seems to be on everyone’s Christmas list in some capacity. From the latest and greatest tech gadgets to the beloved devices people can barely live without these days, technology can cost big bucks. If you are looking to accommodate the wish lists of your family and friends, there are ways to buy quality gadgets […]

Save Money by Switching to VoIP

Although you may hear more and more about people cutting the cable or ditching cable TV, there is still a large trend of people disconnecting their home phone service from the phone company.  Most people have a cell phone, and it is by their side 24 hours a day.  In most cases each family member […]

3 Reasons Prepaid Wireless is Better than Contract Plans

1. No Contract = Freedom The biggest advantage of going prepaid is there is no two-year contract. Your plan is flexible. Talking more one month and less the next makes no difference and most plans allow for roll over minutes from month to month. For those who are commitment shy or who frequently switch phones […]

Identity Theft: Is Your Cell Phone An Easy Target?

Identity theft has been an ongoing problem for consumers for decades. Often going hand-in-hand with identity theft is credit card fraud, both of which can have significant and devastating effects on your personal finances. When a thief gets their hands on your personal information, it can start a domino affect causing problems in all areas […]

Be On The Lookout For Identity Theft and Fraud During The Holiday Season

Consumers are gearing up for the holiday season with mixed emotions. Many people simply love this time of year and all hustle and bustle that accompany it. Others find themselves increasingly anxious wondering how they will fit added expenses into a budget that is already stretched to the limit. Criminals count on these heightened emotions […]

Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Child identity theft is a common crime. It’s fairly easy for a criminal to steal a child’s identity because of how long the scam can go on before there is any reason to suspect it. Social security numbers are obtained when a child is born, but it really isn’t until the child is old enough […]

Red Flags You Are Being Targeted For A Scam

Despite hundreds, if not thousands of articles offering advice on how to avoid scams, consumers are still vulnerable to age old tricks used to gain easy access to their money. This is especially true in the current economy where many people are fighting a daily battle just to get by. Ironically it is often the […]