How To Stay Cool This Summer On A Budget

As the warm days of spring give way to the hot days of summer, finding ways to keep cool become a priority. Keeping the air conditioner cranked down to 70 or below can really make the electricity bill go up, something most of us just can’t afford to do. The following tips on staying cool this summer will help you stay on budget and possibly even save money which can be used elsewhere in the summer budget.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans really help to stay cool during the summer. When these are in use throughout your home in conjunction with your air conditioner, temperature settings on the air conditioner can but increased. A few degrees in either direction can make a significant different in your electric use.

Change Air Filters

By changing the air filters in your central air conditioning system, you will help the air conditioner work more efficiently and also save money. When the filters are dirty, the system has to work twice as hard and stays on much longer than normal. This is a quick and cheap fix that can save money and keep you cool.

Adjust Thermostat When Leaving

Turn the thermostat up by a few degrees when you leave for work or school. If the house is going to be empty for 4-8 hours anyways, there is no need for it to stay as cool as you prefer when you are there. When you return home, you can adjust temperature to your comfort level. Timers are available for thermostat allowing you to schedule when temperatures will change and by how many degrees.

Drink Ice Water

Drinking ice water will help cool your body down and cool you off. This is great to do when inside or outside to keep your body temperature from rising too high and is also great for hydration. Water is a healthy and affordable alternative to energy drinks, alcoholic beverages and other drinks which may actually cause dehydration.

Cool Shower

When you take a cool shower it will also cool your body down. Taking a shower when you are tempted to turn down the temperature on the thermostat, will cool you off and save money too.

Close Your Shades

When it is sunny outside, all of that heat can come streaming into your home through your windows. By closing blinds, shades and curtains the strong rays of summer sun are blocked as well as any hot air that might be blowing around.

Go Swimming

If you have a pool, use it! If you can use the local pool, go there during the day to cool down and swim a few laps to burn some calories too. Be sure to use sunscreen and bring water to drink while there.

These are just a few simple ways you can keep cool this summer without spending a fortune.

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