How To Handle Spring Celebrations Without Busting The Budget

Spring is a special time of year. For many people living in parts of the country where winter weather is brutally cold, spring signifies a much milder temperature and the transition to outside activities. Spring is also the time of year when many celebrations take place which can burden an already tight budget. Graduation, prom, weddings and even birthdays or other annual events which land in May and June can make it a tough time of year if you are dealing with limited funds. If spring represents an expensive time of year for your family, don’t let these events get you down. There are ways to enjoy and celebrate special occasions without busting your budget. Here we look at a few ways to join in the celebration and save some money in the process.

Prioritize RSVP’s

To keep your budget in line during this busy season of celebrations, pay close attention to the number of RSVP’s to which you reply “attending”. Although we would all like to go to each and every celebration to which we are invited, that list can get pretty long during busy seasons. This is not to say you cannot go to each party to which you are invited, however if you are concerned over monetary issues, consider reducing the number of “yes” replies which you send out.

Pool Gifts

If you are invited to a graduation or other event where a number of your friends or family are also attending, consider pooling your cash for one big cash gift or other larger gift. By combining a little bit of money from several sources, each person can contribute and the gift recipient will be surprised with the lump sum cash gift or larger present made possible by pooling resources.

Make It Meaningful

Let’s face it, everyone can use cash. But there are also other gifts which may be more appropriate depending on the celebration. A wedding or graduation is a major milestone, one which results in a change in lifestyle. Perhaps, instead of a traditional gift, you can offer something more meaningful that the recipient can actually use at some point. House or pet sitting while the newlyweds go on their honeymoon, or help moving into the new dorm for the high school graduate heading off to college will be much appreciated. There are many ways to show your support and honor the occasion without giving a cash gift.

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