How to Save On Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

Technology seems to be on everyone’s Christmas list in some capacity. From the latest and greatest tech gadgets to the beloved devices people can barely live without these days, technology can cost big bucks.

If you are looking to accommodate the wish lists of your family and friends, there are ways to buy quality gadgets and technology without breaking the bank. Here are some top tips for saving on up-to-date technologies for those on your shopping list:

Practice Negotiation Tactics

Sales personnel that make commissions on the merchandise they sell are likely to be open to negotiations, especially if you have shown interest and have no qualms about walking away. Don’t be afraid to try and score a better deal for yourself by negotiating a lower price. The reality is that the worst the sales person can say is no and you leave. Just be ready to stand your ground and walk away if they are not willing to commit to a deal. It is highly likely you can find that better deal somewhere else. Do some homework beforehand and make sure you know how low you can go before you price yourself out of a good thing.

Skipping the Shipping

Have you ever found a really good online deal only to be hit with high shipping costs near the end of your transaction? Many online merchants know the power and attraction of free shipping so they will advertise such promotions or have a company policy of free shipping at all times. Search out which stores sell what you want and offer free shipping. Also you can take advantage of site to store delivery which requires you pick up your purchase at the local retail store but without additional fees. You can also save big shipping costs by shopping on December 16, 2011 during Free Shipping Day. This promotion has over 65 reputable merchants selling their wares (including technology) without additional charges for shipping.

Fair Trade Strategies

For those who are involved in technology, it is common knowledge that standards change daily. Products that came out a few months ago can already be surpassed by the latest products being brought to the market. Consider investigating local sale sites like Craigslist where you might be able to trade your unused technology for something they have with no fees attached. Be wary of whom you do business with online but don’t hesitate to consider your options using this method. As long as it is a fair trade, you will both make out on the deal.

Upgrade Exchange Programs

There are several retailers that offer a buy-back guarantee where you can bring in your older technology to receive a store credit. Be sure to first check the store policies to ensure you have an item worth exchanging. Your exchange transaction likely will give you an in-store gift card which you can use to save your out of pocket cash on someone else’s gift.



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