How To Save Money On Laundry Costs

Laundry is a necessity every household has to spend money on but it can also be a household expense with options to save. Some consumers are committed to doing laundry in a very expensive fashion without even realizing just how much they are spending.

Here are a few tips to help you realize what your laundry may be costing you and how you can save:

Reduce Product Use

Many laundry detergents are concentrated, meaning you do not need to use as much to get your clothing clean. Read the bottle directions carefully and only use what is necessary per the manufacturer. You should also be sure to get every last drop of detergent out of the bottle by adding water to the detergent when it is near empty. Diluted detergent is still effective at cleaning your clothing. If you use dryer sheets, get into the habit of cutting the individual sheets in half.

Think Generic

There are many laundry detergent alternatives out there. You may be committed to a brand-named soap but try testing generic cleaning products which work just as well. Do your homework and see what other consumers are touting to be just as effective but cheaper than your usual detergent brand.

Use Cold Water to Wash

You can cut expenses of heating water by washing clothing in the coldest setting. Many detergents are now formulated for cold-water washes so your clothes will still get clean and the cold wash will also help to preserve the material of your clothing.

Line Dry Your Clothing

You can use a lot of electricity when drying heavy or bulking items like jeans and sweatshirts. Start air-drying the heavy clothing in your laundry room or outside when weather permits. Not only will you cut down on the wear and tear of your clothing by omitting the dryer, you will also save money on your electric bill. If you are adverse to the feel of line dried clothing, hang them out until mostly dry and run the damp items on a shorter drying cycle to soft the material.

Maintain Your Appliances

It is important to keep your washer and dryer maintained. Not only will this save you the early expense of repairing or replacing these appliances, a well-tuned machine will also be more cost-effective in operation. For instance, make sure you check the lint trap after each dryer load and clean what is left behind. Not only is the build-up of lint a fire hazard, it can also reduce the efficiency of the dryer.

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