Seven Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

I do not know too many people who enjoy going to the dentist.  Couple the fear of dentistry along with the sticker shock, and you have a reason why some people don’t go to the dentist.  Even with dental insurance, some procedures will still be very expensive.  Here are seven ways that you can save money on dental care.

Flexible Spending Account

Set up a flexible spending account (FSA) and save on taxes.  With an FSA you can set aside a pre-determined amount of money that is taken out of your paycheck pre-tax . Think of it as a savings account for medical/dental related expenses.  You can use your FSA funds to pay for dental work, saving you some money.

Watch What You Eat

In most cases what you eat is going to have an affect on your dental health.  To that end, stay away from simple sugars such as candies, and really sticky foods such as taffy.  As always, it’s important to brush regularly after meals as well.  Some dentists recommend chewing a sugar-free gum after a meal to neutralize the acids and bacteria.

Shop Around

If you are paying out of pocket it’s going to pay to shop around.  Prices will vary by dentists.  If you know the procedure you need, call and ask.  If you’re trying to pick a dentist, call several and see what their prices are on the most common procedures.  I highly recommend finding a regular dentist and forming a relationship with them.  Most dentists are more than willing to work out a payment plan with you if the need arises.

Explain Your Situation

As we mentioned earlier, if you have a good relationship with your dentist they may work out a payment plan with you.  Sometimes a dentist may be able to offer a temporary fix to hold you until you can get more funds to pay for the procedure.  If you feel it necessary, question the procedure or get a second opinion.

Dental School

If you’re lucky enough to live near a dental school, you can save quite a bit of money.  You will be helping out future dentists while receiving great care.  All of the students are overseen by their instructors.  Due to the watchful eye of an instructor you will receive better care than a normal dental visit.  Also these students are being taught the latest methods and are familiar with newer dental technology.

Go For a Visit

This one may sound a little odd, but go to the dentist regularly.  If you do, your dentist can catch issues while they are still small and fix them before it becomes a big expensive procedure.  Most insurance plans cover dental checkups and cleanings every six months.With a little thought, good dental hygiene, and shopping around, dental procedures don’t have to be a hard hit to your finances.  Most important is to practice good dental hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

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