Frugal Living Tips For A Debt Free Life

If you are in debt or just wanting to stay out of it, living a frugal simple life just may be the answer. Sometimes we forget that there was a time without cell phones and cable television. Here are ten great tips for those looking to live a frugal debt free lifestyle.

  1. Get rid of cell phones and cable television. This may sound harsh and impractical, but think about it. Are these needs or luxuries? Would your life be simpler without them? If you just can’t get rid of them, at the very least cut back to the most basic plan.

  2. Cook from scratch. Not only is this cheaper, but it is also healthier.

  3. Hang your clothes to dry. Invest in an outdoor clothes line in the summer and find a way to hang inside in the winter.

  4. Use only cold water for washing, skip the money it costs to heat the water.

  5. Discontinue magazine subscriptions and head to your local library to read your favorites.

  6. Never go shopping just for fun, instead only go when you really need something. Find other things to do for fun that don’t cost money like going on a nature hike, visiting a local park, etc.

  7. De-clutter your house. So many of us have a house full of “stuff” that we simply do not need. Go through and get rid of what you don’t use. You can donate items to a local charity or if you prefer you can try to have a garage sell or sell on your local Craig’s list. When you have less clutter around, you tend to want less as your stress level and time having to clean up is greatly diminished.

  8. Barter services with neighbors, friends and family members. Bartering used to be a way of life, and still can be. Bartering can be taking turn watching each other’s kids, helping with projects around each other’s homes and more. Bartering can be a huge cost savings.

  9. Simplify your wardrobe. Many of us have closets full of clothes that we don’t use and don’t need. Clear out your closets, and donate the clothes that are piled high with dust. Then, carefully weigh each new clothing purchase. Only buy the necessities.

  10. Purchase used. Who says it has to be new? There are so many easy to use options today when it comes to finding a great used bargain. From local thrift stores to garage sales, to freecycle and Craig’s list. When you need something, start at those locations before heading to the regular store.


  1. I found this article very interesting, though I’ll admit I won’t be following each of the tips listed for living more frugally.  The television and cell phones will be staying.  My housemate couldn’t live without television, but we did go with just the simplest plan and a bundled deal with television and internet (which -I- can’t live without, due to my using it for job research, educational research, and life/home/garden research).  Perhaps the most interesting suggestion is the barter one.  Of course, I don’t have close neighbors, and I don’t know what I could barter with them.  Still, I like the idea of using the barter system where possible.  I have dreams of my growing a nice vegetable/herb garden and bartering the produce with others for things I don’t grow/produce myself.

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