Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers try every day to make the lives for their children the best they can. At times however, financial issues arise and the struggle begins to give everything to their children that they can, that can fall short of what they want to give. Currently there are several grants available for single mothers. These grants can be used for housing help, continuing education, and day to day expenses.

Housing Help

One of the largest part of government grants for housing stem for Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For single mothers with low income, HUD has the HOME program. HOME is a program that gives states a block grant that the state splits the way it chooses. These decisions are made through a detailed and competitive application process that can award grants or low interest loans to those who need housing assistance. It is important to get in touch with a HUD center near you to get an application started.

Continuing Education

For single mothers looking to advance their careers, continuing education is the primary obstacle. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is a great place to start. FAFSA awards grants and low interest loans to perspective students, based on income. FAFSA is not just for new high school graduates, FAFSA can assist anyone who needs financial aid to begin or continue their education. Single mothers considering continuing their education, should visit the FASFA website and fill out a free application to see how much they qualify for.

Many companies offer grants for single mothers looking to return to colleges. Google offers grants for single mothers looking into computer and technology departments and AARP offers grants for single mothers over 40. Some of the best places to look for grants are the school you are looking into attending. Many schools offer need and merit based grants to students.

More Grants and Government Assistance

The government is filled with grants for single mothers. The task can be very challenging to sift though the sometimes hundreds of grants available. The best thing to do is consider what exactly you need the money for, and what makes your situation unique.  This will help narrow down what grants you should look into first.

Sometimes the grants are on the state level funding programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Women (SNAP) or Infants and Children (WIC) for day to day expenses like food. Any single mother should look into these programs for assistance on their expenses.



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