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When I first started realized that I needed a budget, I started to look around for a simple way to budget with Excel, since I was familiar with it already.  I found a bunch of free excel budget forms, but I decided to create a household budget form of my own that ended up being a mix of the free ones I found.


Since it worked out so well for me I’m posting the sample budget template I created here for your use.  Feel free to modify it and use it the way you need.

The idea behind the spreadsheet was to be able to enter every transaction we had and have it automatically tell us how much was left in each category.


  • automatic calculation of money left in each category
  • adjust budgeted amounts easily
  • quickly see where your money is going
  • calculates how much is left in your total monthly budget
  • easily customizable to add and remove categories
  • It’s FREE!

I left it with just some sample numbers in it so you have a starting point.  Of course you’ll need to change your numbers to match your income and expenses.

Please give me feedback by commenting below or by contacting me through the contact page.

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Get the Free Spreadsheet Here

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  • Sara Mularoni

    Please email the family budget template. Thank you.

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    Please email me your family budget template. Thank you

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    Please mail me your monthly budget of 50orphan children. thank you.

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    Thanks for the spreadsheet.

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    Can I please have a copy of your spreadsheet? Thanks in advance