Budgeting, saving and getting the most from your hard-earned money is the name of the game.

Squeezing Your Paycheck for Every Drop

Having trouble making ends meet? It is something not a lot of people thought they would have trouble doing but with a tough economy and many jobs not keeping up with inflation, it seems that finding ways to stretch the income you do earn is key to survival. Whether you get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or […]

How to Go Organic Without Wasting Money

Organic foods are all the rage, as consumers seek ways to lose weight, reduce the risk of disease and illness and eat healthier for more energy and vitality. But going organic means your grocery bill will be considerably higher, and you could find yourself shopping at specialty food stores if your local grocer doesn’t have […]

Straight Talk Family Plan – Alternatives for Pricey Contract Wireless Plans?

No-contract carriers are becoming extremely popular as people are getting fed up with paying high wireless costs of the big contract carriers. MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators) like StraightTalk, and others no contract carriers like Tracfone, Net10, Boost Mobile, Cricket and MetroPCS, offer much of the same quality of service since they use the same networks. Straight Talk […]

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Looking at the way the world is changing, the more technologically savvy you are, the better. Many people tend to take advantage of the older citizen because of their supposed lack of technical knowledge and when it comes to cell phones, this thinking is very commonplace. Many companies disguise “senior mobile plans” as cheap alternatives, […]

How to Plan A Wedding on a (Small) Budget

So you’ve finally met “Mr.Right” and you’re made the leap of faith and decided to get married. Like every bride-to-be, you want everything to be just perfect, but you also don’t want to break the bank to get it that way. We’ll cover some creative ideas about how to plan a wedding on a tight […]

Give the Gift of a Holiday-Free Zone

To Christmas or not to Christmas, that is the question… when you’re a business owner. The Christmas season can yield pay dirt — for some, it is the biggest sales opportunity of the year. For others, ignoring the holiday can reduce costs and stress. The decision to participate (or not) in the holiday season has […]

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Studies show that Americans throw away half of all food that is purchased, at grocery stores and in restaurants. Eating the food purchased might be the best approach for eating healthy on a budget. Spending less starts with a great plan that will guide purchasing, preparation and storage choices. Last minute purchases will consume a […]

3 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes in most big-box stores are made of paper, plastic and string. They don’t fit well, last long or provide a child with much protection from the cold October weather. They are remarkably expensive, however, with prices running between $15 and $20 for most child-friendly options. These days, not everyone has $20 to spare, […]

Budgeting With A Baby – Frugal Living With A Newborn

Having a baby can be an expensive time, there are a lot of things you need to buy in preparation, and when the little one arrives there is an extra mouth to feed and clothe. However it doesn’t need to break the bank, and these tips will help keep costs down when you start your family.

Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers try every day to make the lives for their children the best they can. At times however, financial issues arise and the struggle begins to give everything to their children that they can, that can fall short of what they want to give. Currently there are several grants available for single mothers. These […]