Top Recommended Debt Settlement Companies

In the last 2 years or so, there’s been a flurry of new debt settlement companies appearing, claiming to be able to lower or eliminate your debt and get you on an “affordable” monthly payment.  There’s no possible way that every one of these companies are legitimate and at the very least some of them are probably flat-out scams.

We do our best here at LDB to review debt settlement related companies and bring you the truth about who’s good and who’s bad.  So in that spirit, based on our research, personal experiences and reader experiences, we’re going to tell you who are the top 3 legitimate, trustworthy and reliable full service debt settlement companies.

What is a “full-service” debt settlement company?  The most basic definition is a company that will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. You pay them a monthly fee or a performance-based fee and they do pretty much all the talking and negotiating for you. 

Top 3 Recommended Full Service Debt Settlement Companies

1. CuraDebt

curadebt debt consolidation and settlementCuraDebt is a multi-faceted debt negotiation company that helps consumers and small business who are experiencing financial difficulty by negotiating mutually acceptable settlements with creditors.  The debt settlement plan from CuraDebt is geared toward those people who can’t afford their debt management plan and who are facing the prospect of bankruptcy.

In 2008, CuraDebt dedicated to focus exclusively on offering debt settlement and debt negotiation instead of debt management. Since CuraDebt Debt Relief  has an excellent customer satisfaction rating and a reputation as a strong debt negotiator, it has earned it’s status as a top debt settlement company.

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2. Oak View Law Group

oakview law groupOak View Law Group is a another reputable debt settlement company and the biggest benefit of OVLG is that it their structure is based on performance based fees.  That means that you’ll only pay when they settle an account for you.  Also, the amount you pay is directly related to how much they save you – this is a success fee approach – or performance based fees.

So the more they save you, the more you pay in fees.  This gives them incentive to do a better job for you.

They also have a payment plan available if you can’t gather a lump sum for your settlement.  They have a full refund policy if you’re not happy with the service and performance of Oak View Law Group.

For these reasons, Oak View Law Group have made our list of the top three debt settlement companies.

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3. Consumer Recovery Network

Consumer Recovery Network is one of the few solid and reputable full-service companies left out there. Michael Bovee is the founder and has been a pioneer in the debt settlement industry for 14 years. The company’s approach to solving debt problems for consumers involves one-on-one interaction combined with consumer education and financial coaching. CRN’s main goal is to first get the customer out of debt, then help teach them to maintain good financial habits.

Every employee at CRN who works directly with customers has at least 10 years of experience and CRN is a BBB Accredited Business with an A Rating.

Because Consumer Recovery Network has high ethical standards, a focus on consumer rights, and a long history of satisfied customers, it has earned our recognition as a Top Debt Settlement Company.

Help Us Find the Best Debt Settlement Companies

If you have worked with a full service (meaning they do the negotiating for you) debt settlement company and you’ve been happy with the results, please leave a comment or contact us with details and we will do a full review.

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