My Settlements – Sample Debt Settlement Letters


These debt settlement letters are the written proof that by negotiating a settlement with credit card companies, you free yourself from thousands of dollars of debt. These are real offers of real debt relief!

Here are the images of the of settlement letters I have received from our creditors. These are real, actual letters, minus some personal information. All together, these letters freed us from $23,580.22 in credit card debt!

These sample debt settlement letters are the result of a long process of back and forth negotiation on the part of the settlement company I hired. Their knowledge of my creditors, patience, and expertise landed me these huge savings.

If you are buried in debt, let these offer letters be an inspiration to you. You can have the same type of savings if you act quickly and don’t wait for your situation to get worse.

My wife’s Settlement with Discover Card
55% of the balance
My Settlement with MBNA / Bank of America
30% of the balance
My wife’s Settlement with Chase
35% of the balance
My Settlement with GE Capital
42% of the balance
My wife’s Settlement with Capital One
41% of the balance
My Settlement with CitiCards / Citibank
60% of the balance

Take charge or your finances and aim for financial freedom!


  1. I received notices from two collection angecy stating a that owe one for $1417.80, and that other $5,562.69. I’m currently on disabiilty for the next 3 months. How do I negotiate with them to lower the balance.

  2. Good question Margarita. Negotiating with a collection agency will be a little tougher than with the original creditor, but you can still do it. The first thing to do is request proof that you owe the money, a process called debt validation. Assuming they can prove it, follow the steps outlined in the Do It Yourself Debt Settlement article here:

    Hope that helps.

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