Hoffman Brinker & Roberts Review


Hoffman Brinker and Roberts Inc., based in Shelby Township, MI is a debt negotiation company that specializing in negotiation client debt to avoid bankruptcy. Hoffman Brinker and Roberts offers clients an honest and ethical option for resolving outstanding debts that will satisfy your creditors and leave you with your dignity intact.

Here are some quick facts about Hoffman Brinker & Roberts:

Company Founded: 9/1/1995

Years In Business: 13

Number of Employees: unknown

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Complaints: 0 complaints in the last three year reporting period

Fee Information: Based on performance.

Escrow Available?: No

Source of Funds: Once a settlement has been negotiated, clients provide funds for a lump sum payment. For this reason clients must have access to either savings, investments or home equity funds.

Fee Structure: Contingency basis

Refund Policy: N/A- you pay based on performance

Minimum Debt Required: unknown

About the Company:

Hoffman Brinker & Roberts Inc., is not a law firm. It is a debt settlement company that has been in business since 1995 helping clients who are struggling with high levels of debt. Most clients are facing the possibility of having to file for bankruptcy and are desperately seeking an option that will allow them to make an honest effort at repaying their obligations. Hoffman Brinker & Roberts is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and currently has an A+ rating with zero customer complaints in the past three years. At the time of this review, this company is working at maximum capacity and will accept clients on a waiting list only.

The Program:

Unlike most of the debt settlement “programs” with Hoffman Brinker & Roberts there are no upfront fees or monthly maintenance charges to worry about. This is because you will not be putting money into an escrow, trust or settlement account which is a popular way of saving money toward settlements. Hoffman Brinker & Roberts recommends only clients who have the ability to raise at least 50% of the debt they owe consider debt settlement through their company.

They recommend finding funds by borrowing from your retirement or savings accounts or borrowing money from family/friends or a home equity loan. Due to the fact that clients will be required to have access to funds for settlements rather quickly, Hoffman Brinker & Roberts will negotiate your debts in 24 months or less, which is shorter than many other settlement “programs”.

While it is usually not a good idea to borrow money to pay debt, if you can eliminate thousands of dollars of high interest credit card debt in two years or less, it is something you may want to consider.

Website Experience:

The website offers plenty of information about the debt settlement process. Informative sections include articles & editorials, satisfied clients, case studies, tools and blog. In addition to having an informative website Hoffman Brinker & Roberts offers an informative video which covers all aspects of debt settlement.

The fact that this company works on a contingency basis, with payment based on their level of performance in addition to settling debt in two years of less without collecting a monthly “payment” sets Hoffman Brinker & Roberts apart from most other debt settlement companies currently operating.

When you factor in the facts that this company has been in business for over ten years and currently has a BBB rating of A+ with zero complaints in the past three years, it is clear this company is doing something right.


  1. SOmeone earlier mentioned con artists and liars in the UK.
    Unfortunately that is true of a lot of promoters and people in this business.

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