American Express Sample Debt Settlement Agreement Letter


American Express has long been known as the premier business credit card.  And for a while now, they have become a significant player in the personal credit card market, and as with any big credit card company, they have customers for whatever reason, cannot pay their credit card bills.  American Express will generally be willing to negotiate a settlement on your credit card account if 1) you are past due on you credit card bill, and 2) you can demonstrate a legitimate financial hardship.

A seen in the sample settlement letter below, Amex was willing to settle with this customer for about 24% of what the customer actually owed.  And they split the payment up into 3 parts to make it easier for the customer.  That’s an incredible 75% of their debt was forgiven.

There are a few ways that you can negotiate a settlement with American Express.  One way is to attempt to negotiate a settlement yourself with the help of expert tips and tricks from companies like Zipdebt.  Another way is to let a debt settlement company handle the negotiating for you.  If you got the second route, be sure to read our guide on our top recommended debt settlement companies, and check out Oak View Law Group, one of the only few that we recommend.



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  2. What is written in this debt settlement agreement letter? I want to know.

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