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Leave Debt Behind - Curadebt.comWith so many people in debt – either from poor financial management or the recession – digging your way out debt is a major undertaking. has been providing debt relief for over 10 years.  Their focus is on debt settlement and debt consolidation.  Here is what they offer that they claim makes them unique: 

“Your support team includes lawyers, financial advisors, lenders, credit arbitration experts, and psychologists.  The debt negotiation team has experience making settlements or negotiating terms on financial issues such as medical bills, unsecured loans, credit cards, lawyer’s fees, loans on repossessed cars, leases (equipment, office, restaurant, etc.), bad contracts, litigation, judgments, accounts payable, etc.”

The Web Site

When you access the site, the first thing you see is a savings estimator.  While you would think – based upon the look of the box – this is something into which you enter data for how much you want to save, etc., you’re note even close.  This is their way of collecting your information so someone can call to you.   Most people are hesitant to fill out a request like this – mainly because of the anxiety over a mountain of phone calls from someone you don’t know who want to dig into your financial situation. That’s a reasonable concern to have.   (As a side note, this same box seems to appear on every page, reinforcing the fact that you need to speak to someone.)

Most of the rest of the home page is an array of “trust enticing” information to have you believe that these people are “ok” to be dealing with.  (Honestly, since anyone can put up a web site with anything on it, this might work – and it might not.)

Debt Settlement

This page gives you some information about debt settlement and offers a “free consumer debt negotiation custom plan.”   Again, you are taken to a form you have to fill out so they can contact you. 

You can also look at samples of debt consolidation letters.  On a new page, there’s a long, long, long list of links that you can click to view that particular sample.   (The sample is all the way down at the bottom of the page, by the way!)   If you read the notation next to each item, you will see the final settlement amount and the savings.   This is pretty impressive and, honestly, might spark an interest in you to have them give you a call.  

Debt Consolidation

There is a day/night difference between this page and the settlement page. It contains lots of great information about this type of debt program, how it works, what it can do, etc.  If nothing else, this is going to increase your knowledge about the whole process.   Of anything that would pique your interest, this is probably it. 


There is really nothing that sets apart from any other debt counseling service.   Of course, prices and/or rates are no where to be found on their site.  That’s typical since each situation varies so there really is no way to say you will have to pay x, y, or z.  Selecting a service such as this is really going to depend on who you are drawn to or have that “gut” feeling about.   No matter who you choose, getting out a debt is going to be a huge relief!


  1. Being in debt is not a good thing, however getting out of debt is harder than getting into it, yea you do have fun spending but in the end you pay the piper to hear him play ….So its a good thing people like you on this site offer help God bless and keep up the work cause we need you.

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